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Shilluk Community Calls For Replacement of Pagan Amum
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Oct 4, 2007 - 10:25:23 PM

Shilluk Community Calls For Replacement of Pagan Amum
Press Release
Shilluk International Congress (SIC)
October, 4th, 2007
The Shilluk community is appealing to members of SPLM's leadership council to nominate a Secretary General who would contribute positively to the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Our community welcomes the democratization process commences by the SPLM party which led President Kiir to allow the SPLM's leaders to contest for the post of Secretary General. What is currently taking place within the SPLM would lead South Sudan to enjoy multi-party democracy.
Since the national interest of the South takes precedent over tribal interest or loyalties, our community has taken a courageous position to advise SPLM members to nominate somebody other than Pagan Amum Ukech. The South Sudan national interest is more important than Shilluk's tribal loyalty. Since his nomination as the SPLM's Secretary General after the demise of Dr. John Garang, Mr. Pagan Amum has demonstrated administrative weaknesses, political blunders and erratic behaviors.
Mr. Amum's leadership is marked by unethical and emotional outbursts which caused a lot of damages to the SPLM party in the North. He is known in the Arabic Media as inconsistent politician who breathes out racial insults against the Arab minority in Sudan. He is also known as irresponsible drinker who does not conduct himself well in Bars. In 2006, he was seen losing his balance after imbibing Mr. Johnny Walker. There are also credible reports that he doesn't go to work in the morning because of staying out late with female friends.
In addition to his personal and psychological troubles, he is known to attacking the National Congress Party unprofessionally. It is one thing for the SPLM's Secretary General to call for NCP to implement the CPA. It is something else for him to use words that would lead Northern Sudanese to think that SPLM is a racist party. Pagan Amum's unethical outbursts have brought more damages to the credibility of the SPLM in the North than the NCP's propaganda. If the SPLM's members want the party to win election in the North, they need to nominate a Secretary General other than Pagan Amum.
As the community that wants the South to go forward, we call upon members of the SPLM's leadership Council to apply their wisdom in nominating a right candidate irrespective of his tribe. It is better for SPLM to have a Secretary General who is a Dinka than a Shilluk who scares Northerners away. There will be election in 2009 and the SPLM needs northern Sudanese in order to win election in the country. Any individual who chases northern Sudanese away is more dangerous than the SPLM's adversaries.
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