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Press release about the attack on Kalma camp South Darfur
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Aug 27, 2008 - 12:37:43 PM

Press release about the attack on Kalma camp South Darfur


In the morning of August 25/2008   a force from the police and security raided the IDPs camp of Kalma South Darfur with 100 armed cars. The camp contain about 90000 IDP the authorities ( state security committee)   justified this raid   that the camp becam a den of out laws and armed  bandits   and rebels . the authorities issued a statement saying that they received information that many arms has been smuggled ti the camp for sabotage action in the state .

The number of dead and wounded still not known. Router reported that about 65 person most of them are  women and children were treated in the camp   according to the information from the NGO organization working in the camp .

Other sources   said the numbers of dead persons about 33 and the wounded 100,uptodate the number of the dead   increased 37.

In the same time the United Nation condemned this attack and their worries about the situation in the camp .Amira Had the human rights coordinator in Sudan that such actions is a threat to the life's of civilians  who are entitled to protection according to the international human laws. Also in the same way the joined committee of united nations and the African union in Darfur condemned the attack and Gibrul Masole the international intermediate for UN & AU asked all the parts who are concerned about Darfur case to stop fire in the region and bring peace to the region

In Amel center we condemn the raid on Kalma camp which identified the method of the government to dry the camps.

We in Amel continued to say that empting the camps require security to the IDPs in their original places will not be done without full   political reconciliation. according to this we condemn the raid on Kalma camp and to any action which present the life's of the civilians to danger and we ask for :

1- a Chanel for evacuating wounds for treatment should be opened

2-stoping the raids and an immediate evacuation from the camp

3- immediate contact with the camp committee.

4- channels for treatment should be opened

5- all humanitarian needs should be delivered to the victims.



Amel center for treatment & rehabilitation

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