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The Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Said Djinnit, and Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe, Special Representative of the AU for the Sudan, today received important leaders of the Darfur Movements, Dr. Abdel Rahman Musa Abbaker (chief negotiator for the SLM/A Abdul Wahid), Engineer Ibrahim Madibo (chief negotiator for the SLM/A Abdul Wahid for power-sharing), Ustaz Abdel Raheem Adam Abdel Raheem Abu Risha (General Secretary for JEM, Southern Darfur) and Commander Adam Saleh Abbaker (representative of the military commanders of SLM/A Abdul Wahid).  These leaders signed and submitted to the Commissionner a Declaration of Commitment to the Darfur Peace Agreement, on behalf of their followers in the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) of Abdul Wahid El Nour and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Dr. Khalil Ibrahim.


These leaders, who were all formerly accredited as prominent delegates to the Inter-Sudanese Peace Talks on the Conflict in Darfur or are known to the African Union as political leaders or military commanders in Darfur, expressed their support for the Darfur Peace Agreement, their determination to be bound by all its provisions, and to participate fully in its implementation. As a first step, these signatories to the Declaration are undertaking to consult with their communities and explain the provisions of the Darfur Peace Agreement faithfully to the people of Darfur, thereby enhancing the prospects for lasting peace in Darfur.


Through the Declaration of Commitment was drawn up in order to enable leading members of SLM/A and JEM to express their support and adherence to the provisions of the Darfur Peace Agreement, following the regrettable failure of Mr. Abdul Wahid El Nour and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim to sign the Agreement in Abuja, Nigeria, or by the deadline of 31 May fixed by the AU Peace and Security Council.


The Commissioner paid tribute to these leaders for their support and commitment to peace in Darfur, and urged them to convince the leadership of their respective Movements to join the Peace Agreement without further delay, and to meet as soon as possible with the signatories to the Agreement to explore how they can best contribute to the implementation of the DPA. He also urged them to do their utmost to explain the DPA to their people, particularly in the IDP camps in Darfur, to rectify distortions that have been propagated.


The Commissioner reiterated the determination of the AU to take all necessary measures, including sanctions, against all those who obstruct the implementation of the Peace Agreement as decided by the African Union Peace and Security Council at its meeting of 15 May 2006.  He hoped that today’s signature of the Declaration of Commitment will encourage other leaders of the Movements to also come forward and identify themselves with the peace process by associating themselves with the Declaration of Commitment.  Through this process, the Darfur Peace Agreement will widen its political and popular support base throughout Darfur for this effective and timely implementation. 


The Commissioner paid tribute to the signatories of the Darfur Peace Agreement, namely the Government of the Sudan and the SLM/A of Mr. Minni Minawi, for the courage and wisdom they displayed, and for their commitment to the restoration of lasting peace in Darfur.


Addis Ababa, 8 June 2006

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