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Nuer and Equatorians Condemn Prof. Dechand and Lt. Gen. Matipís Coup Plot

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Nuer and Equatorians Condemn Prof. Dechand and Lt. Gen. Matipís Coup Plot


Press Release


Equatoria Professionals in Europe (EPE), Equatoria Solidarity International (ESI) and Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)

Feb, 4, 2007


The three communities have come together again to condemn the military coup being plotted by Professor David Dechand against the President of the Government of South Sudan, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. Professor Dechand has persuaded Lt. Gen. Matip to carryout the plot to overthrow Salva Kiir. The reports we obtained from reliable sources are confirmed by Professor Dechandís public statement of February 4, 2007, in which he clearly stated that South Sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA/SSDF) pledged its allegiance to Paulino Matip.


There is no political party that could pledge its allegiance to a deputy commander-in-chief of the SPLA army without sinister motives behind it. Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip is commanding unified SPLA army as a result of Jan, 9th, 2006 conclusion of Juba Declaration. Therefore, Matip is part and parcel of the SPLA army. Professor Dechand cannot pledge his allegiance to Matip without mentioning Lt. Gen. Kiir, who is the commander-in-chief of the army. This means that David Dechand is indeed plotting a coup against Salva Kiir by creating a civil war in the South. If SSUDA/SSDF wants to be included in the GoSS, professor Dechand can negotiate with Salva Kiir who is the president of the GoSS. Paulino Matip is not a politician that could be joined by a leader of a party which is legally registered in the country. There is no political party in the World that can pledge allegiance to an army general who has no political party. Therefore, the allegiance pledged by David Dechand is driven by other ulterior motives that will not benefit the South.


It is to be recalled that professor Dechand is the architect of most fighting in Greater Upper Nile between the SPLA and other armed groups including Nuer White Army. Dr. Dechand wants to take the war to Juba, which is the seat of the GoSS. As patriotic Southerners, we are deeply concerned with civilian casualties that would ensue as a result of war between SPLA forces loyal to Salva Kiir and the forces of Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip. Any coup attempt will automatically destroy the CPA and the hope of the South.


We would like to advise Lt. Gen. Matip and David Dechand to refrain from tribal conspiracies that would cause instability in the South leading to the complete collapse of the CPA. Every Southern Sudanese knows that professor Dechand is obsessed with overthrowing what he called ďDinka governmentĒ. He is determined to go to moon to make sure that ďDinka governmentĒ is once and for all annihilated, as he stated in his previous press releases. However, ďDinka governmentĒ would not be annihilated without endangering the lives of innocent civilians in Juba. Moreover, any tribal confrontation in the South would be exploited by the enemies of the South. Professor Dechand should not quench his thirst for more blood by plotting coups in Juba against the SPLM leadership. That is a very dangerous strategic and political calculation that would affect every Southerner on earth.


We call upon peace loving Southerners wherever they are to condemn professor Dechand and Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip for their misguided thinking to throw the South into perdition for political power. It is the responsibility of every Southern patriot to condemn activities aimed at crippling our nation and the CPA, which guarantees the right to self-determination.


We call upon president Kiir to setup military committee that will look into the plots of coup against the GoSS by professor Dechand and Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip. This is a very serious matter that should even involve the legislature to intervene in order to stop Dr. Dechand from poisoning peace in the South. If the SPLA army is tribally politicized as Dr. Dechand wants, then, maintenance of peace in the South would be an illusion. The South will experience again tribal warlordism and factionalism. Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip is a well known warlord who killed thousands of innocent civilians in Unity State between 1998ó2003. If he is influenced by professor Dechand to overthrow President Salva Kiir, the people who will die in the South would exceed the number of Darfur genocide.


As patriotic Southerners, we strongly condemn Lt. Gen. Matip and Dr. Dechand. We received credible reports that Dr. Dechand will fly to Juba to meet Paulino Matip to organize their evil plans. The three communities call upon South Sudan civilians to go out in demonstration against Paulino Matip when professor Dechand lands in Juba. The people of South Sudan have inalienable right to peace and should therefore show their support to CPA by condemning individuals who want to destroy it. All the church leaders should also condemn Dr. Dechand and Gen. Matip to stop tribal thirst for power.




  1. Dr. Luka Odiong, Chair of EPE
  2. Victor Charles Adeba, Spokesman of ESI
  3. John Gatluak Kam, President of UNCONA



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