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Nuer Community Supports Telar Deng to Become SPLM's Secretary General

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Nuer Community Supports Telar Deng to Become SPLM's Secretary General
Press Release
Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)

The leadership of UNCONA welcomes the news that Mr. Telar Deng wants to contest as the Secretary General of SPLM. There are so many reasons why the SPLM will benefit from the leadership of Telar. First, Mr. Telar is a liberal person who believes in Western style democracy. Second, he is easy-going and open-minded fellow who will get along with different tribes who are members of the SPLM. Third, he is known for promoting South-South dialogue. The people of South Sudan should congratulate him for being one of individuals who brought about Wunlit peace conference of 1999 where the Nuer and Dinka chiefs met to end tribal conflicts.

There is no doubt as the Secretary General of the SPLM that he will resume supporting South-South dialogue. Currently, there are so many problems facing South Sudan. As the ruling party in South Sudan, the SPLM needs a Secretary General who shall come up with modalities of resolving social problems that face the Government of South Sudan (GoSS). Mr. Telar is the best candidate who could approach problems of the South through the lenses of human rights. The problem of disarmament in all Southern regions needs to be tackled by constitutionally minded fellow who respects human rights.

Although other candidates for the post are heavyweights, Telar is the most competent in formulating policies which shall bring about lasting peace in the South. The other candidates are not as competent as him when it comes to the experience of South-South dialogue. Furthermore, Telar is a multi-ethnic individual who can get along with any tribal chief in the South. A Nuer chief in Bentiew would think that Telar is a Nuer because he is very fluent in Nuer language. He is also known to speak other tribal languages. A candidate like him does not need an interpreter in Waat to talk to chiefs about the CPA.

The Nuer community throws its support behind Telar Deng. We appeal to H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit to ignore the politics of tribal accommodation in order to let Telar become the Secretary General of the party so that he shall take the South forward.

For contact:
John Gatluak Kam
President of Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)
Email: [email protected]

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