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Nuer Community Calls For Military Support To Darfur’s National Redemption Front
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Nov 10, 2006 - 8:57:00 PM

Nuer Community Calls For Military Support To Darfur’s National Redemption Front


Press Release


Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)

Nov. 10, 2006



Following three days deliberation, the Supreme Council of Nuer community in North America has unanimously decided to give military assistance to Darfur’s National Redemption Front. The ongoing genocide in Darfur perpetrated by National Congress Party’s jihadists can only be stopped militarily.


It has to be recalled that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was stopped by the Tutsi freedom fighters after the failure of international community. Since the Bush’s administration has failed to use American military might to stop genocide in Darfur, the Supreme Council of Nuer community has come to conclusion that only the unity of the marginalized Africans in Sudan will stop ethnic cleansing in Darfur. The National Redemption Front, the military front of Darfur factions that didn’t sign the Darfur Peace Agreement, should be militarily supported to stop the genocide.


We call up on all African Sudanese in North America to unite and support the National Redemption Front militarily. Financial contributions of all Sudanese in North America can reverse the genocide in Darfur. Every Sudanese who feels that the genocide in Darfur should be stopped is therefore morally bound to render support to Darfur freedom fighters.


We call upon all the organizations in North America that support the cause of people of Darfur to prioritize military assistance as the only solution that would stop genocide in Darfur. The National Congress Party is an incarnate of Nazi party of Adolph Hitler that would never agree to the deployment of UN forces in Darfur. The NCP has a program of radically Islamizing and Arabizing the African people of Sudan through Jihad. It is the same party that helped in the formulation of Alqaeda’s vision by hosting Osama Bin Laden. The NCP would rather be defeated like Saddam Husein’s Baath party than to allow UN forces to protect innocent African civilians in Darfur.


The UNCONA will host Darfur fund raising event in Washington in December. All the interested organizations in North America would be informed about the location and time of the event. More than 400,000 Darfuris have been ethnically cleansed by the National Congress Party. President Omar Bashir is more than willing to surpass the number of Jews killed by Adolph Hitler in the Second World War. It is the duty of all peace loving human beings in the World to stop him before the death toll reaches six million.


We call upon the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) to support the Darfur’s freedom fighters by any means. The survival of the people of South Sudan is intertwined with the existence of Darfur. The Supreme Council of UNCONA calls upon organizations of marginalized communities and other opposition political forces to militarily support NRF in realizing the following principles:-


1. Uphold Sudan as multicultural, multi-religious and multiethnic country where diversity constitutes the basis of citizenship for individuals, and unity of our nation.

2. Citizenship is the sole basis for all rights and obligations without discrimination on religious, ethnic, cultural or regional background.

3. Guarantee all human nights, basic freedoms, rule of law, along with the recognition that accountability and transparency are necessary conditions for good governance.

4. Safeguarding democracy, political pluralism, freedom of expression as fundamental for sharing and transferring state power.

5. Ensuring priority of human development programs and capacity building as prerequisites for social and sustainable development. Introducing affirmative action in support of free basic social services; health, and education as well as introducing job creation policies.

6. Realizing harmony and interaction between people in various regions, and thereby consolidate national unity by facilitating travel and communication facilities throughout Sudan.


The Nuer community calls upon the Darfuri’s freedom fighters to realize:


a) Bringing together all Darfuris in their various movements, organizations, groups, associations within and outside Sudan.

b) Organizing and unifying political, military, diplomatic, legal, media and various popular initiatives for the realization and protection of the legitimate rights of Darfuris and all Sudanese.

c) Ending the unceasing genocide and prosecuting its perpetrators.

d) Coordination and consolidation of regional and international efforts to end the suffering of Darfur refugees and displaced; and ensure a fair compensation as well as their repatriation to the original regions and villages.

e) Endorse all legitimate demands of the marginalized areas.

f) Advocate a just system for sharing wealth and power between the various regions of Sudan.

g) Realize the full and unimpeded implementation of a federal system; and, ensure regional self-rule.

h) Guarantee a fair participation in administering national political, economic, military and civil service institutions on the bases of population percentages of various regions.


We therefore appeal to all people of Darfur and the marginalized communities of Sudan to support NRF in order to realize justice and lasting peace for all. The so-called Darfur Peace Agreement does not address the root causes of genocide in Darfur. UNCONA appeals to UN Security Council to sponsor new peace agreement between Khartoum’s genocidaires and the National Redemption Front.


For Contact:

John Gatluak Kam

President of Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)


Email: johngatluakkam

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