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Amnesty International Risking Credibility A statement from JEM
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Mar 2, 2008 - 4:57:22 PM


The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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 Amnesty International Risking Credibility

A statement from JEM


In a statement issued February 2008, Amnesty International (AI) made claims that JEM has been mistreating four captive government soldiers and others in its camps.   The four war prisoners referred to by AI and currently held by JEM are:

1.       Brigadier Kamalelddin Abdalla, captured in Haskeena.   At the time, he was leading a mission to assassinate Dr. Ibrahim, President of JEM.

2.       Lieutenant Colonel Ihab Jalal Eldin, a staunch extremist and a Muslim fundamentalist

3.       Lieutenant Colonel Mahid Hamid, surrendered at Jujul battle, December 07

4.        Lieutenant Abel Moneim Mohamed Zein, captured at Juljul battle, December 07.


In respond to AI allegations, JEM would like to state the following:

1.       AI should have checked its information and not relied on one side and that is members of JEM splinter group which cannot be neutral.   AI should act in a professional way and verify its information before making conclusions

2.       JEM has never denied relevant bodies to visit its war prisoners in line with international conventions.   In fact, JEM allowed Brigadier Abdalla and Lieutenant Jalal Eldin to be interviewed by El Gezira Network and has allowed all four prisoners to phone their families and assure them of their safety and good treatment.   This is an aspect that JEM is proud of and ready to maintain.  

3.       AIís claim that JEM prisoners of war are shackled contradicts its report that three of them were able to escape detention, leading to their interview by AI.

4.       AIís claim that JEM puts its war prisoners in a truck ahead of their attacking force is a bizarre accusation.   Among others, it smacks of naÔve knowledge of combat and poor investigative sense.   JEM was involved in several combats where it lost fine soldiers in the process.   The fact that none of JEMís war prisoners was killed makes a mockery of AIís allegations.  

5.       The allegation that JEM further mistreats its prisoners is not correct.   JEM has no hotels or houses in the field.   Its prisoners experience the same hardship that is faced by JEM soldiers.   They all share the same food, water and shelter.

6.       Finally, AI should have done its home work in a professional way before making such false allegations.   JEM has institutions that can be contacted and has always been in the far front regarding International conventions and rights of war prisoners.   The door is still open for AI and equally the Red Cross and all other relevant Human Rights organisation to visit JEM and meet its war prisoners.

Dr. Tahir Adam El faki

Head of Legislative Board, JEM

London , 2/3/2008


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