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Accusations of UNICEF regarding use of child soldiers in the Sudan:
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Jan 1, 2009 - 12:45:33 PM


The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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Accusations of UNICEF regarding use of child soldiers in the Sudan:

A Statement from JEM:

JEM would like to respond to accusations of Mr. Shiban, UNICEF representative regarding above:

1.       JEM is committed to all international conventions including those related to banning of use child soldiers.   Compliance of JEM to these conventions has been entrusted to a JEM personnel who previously worked for the UN and has a doctorate in community.   JEM has never used child soldiers in its ranks and is opposed to use children for that purpose.

2.       JEM had in the recent past invited several relevant international institutions with concern about Sudan to visit JEM.   The official invitations were made by the Spokesperson for JEM and Deputy Chief Commander of JEM.   UNICEF and others were invited to attend IDPs and Refugee workshop organised by JEM in the liberated zone.   Needless to say, UNICEF in particular failed to attend but continued dragging JEMís name in its reports on the matter without slightest effort to corroborate its claims with evidence.

3.       JEM also offered to sign a memorandum of understanding with UNICEF and enable the latter to deliver some services to inhabitants of the areas under JEM control.   UNICEF promised to prepare a document to that effect within four months but came back and declared its intention to widen the agreement to include UNAMID.   UNICEF later abandoned its plan after its discovery that JEM already has a similar agreement with UNAMID.   Since then, UNICEF has never contacted JEM but continued issuing its unfortunate reports in the media.

4.       JEM once more invite all relevant institutions including UNICEF to visit JEM HQ at any time.   JEM affirms that its doors will remain open for all organisations that offer services to Darfur people. It is well known that JEM maintains good relationship with many humanitarian organisations and had previously assisted them in retrieving some of their vehicles that were seized by bandits in Darfur.


Dr. Alwathiq Hamadnalla Alwathiq

Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, JEM

Liberated Zone, December 28th 2008

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