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Sudan to adopt Bahrain model for skills push
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Dec 8, 2008 - 5:35:38 AM

Sudan to adopt Bahrain model for skills push

MANAMA: Sudan is to adopt the Bahrain Model for Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Promotion.

The Bahrain Model includes the training of potential entrepreneurs by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido), through its Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment Training (Arceit).

A group of four delegates from the Sudanese Investment Ministry has just completed a 10-day business counselling session in Bahrain.

They will now develop a Domestic Investment Unit in Sudan, said Unido Investment and Technology Promotion Office head Dr Hashim Hussein.

The programme will be financed by the Islamic Development Bank, he said.

"The proposed unit will help strengthen the business ties between Bahrain and Sudan," Dr Hussein told a Press conference at the Unido office in Diplomatic Area.

"The prime development will be in the area of agro-business.

"Bahraini entrepreneurs can consider Sudan as a hub to sell their products in Sudan and seven neighbouring African countries."

The Press conference was attended by Sudanese Ambassador Dafalla Bushra and the Sudanese counsellors.

Financial institutions based in Bahrain can also look at investment opportunities in Sudan in industries like leather, stone and marble, gold and uranium, as well as agro-business, said Dr Hussein.

"Traditionally only big businesses are inter-connected between our countries," he said.

"The Bahrain Model helps small and medium enterprises to establish contacts with their counterparts in other countries."

Dr Husssein said counsellors from 17 countries have already been trained in the kingdom, under the Bahrain Model.

"We have now received an official request from China to develop such a centre in that country," he said. "We shall start training Chinese counsellors by the first quarter of next year."

Under the Bahrain Model, trained entrepreneurs are assisted in finalising their business ideas and in obtaining necessary information to prepare their business plans.

The participants in Bahrain are assisted in the process of project implementation including technology choice, international partnerships wherever applicable, seeking necessary licences and applying for bank loans, said Dr Hussein.

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