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Raped school teenager a mother of Janjaweed by Kamal eldin Ibrahim Ali
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Feb 1, 2009 - 10:08:01 AM

Raped school teenager a mother of Janjaweed

I begin this story with a preamble to explain why Janjaweed s are prone to vile and so bestially aggressive towards none Arabs of Darfur. I begin telling the fact that Fur people are good Muslims according to their care for learning Quran they learn the book of Quran by heart. To keep their learning fresh, they sit every night around big woods firs reciting the Quran till late at night covering certain sections to start the other night reading the next section until they finish the whole book and start anew, they read loudly rocking forwards backwards while reading.

Security elements  of Sudan government are always gifted in evil commitments , they video taped the phenomenon without recording the voices , they took the tapes  to none Sudanese Arabs of Niger , Cameroon , Nigeria , Chad , Center Africa and others most of those are illiterate and Ignorant of none Arab  Sudanese , especially Fur and their ways of reciting Quran , the security informed the Arabs that Fur and the others of their kind are worshipers of fire . They are not Muslims. As a proof they showed them the tapes in which Fur kept rocking around fire in all the villages that had been taped. Security incited the Arabs persuading them to come to Sudan to kill none Muslims and take their land. This is some part of the cause for the Arabs to come killing Africans the way they did to free and rid Islam of the filth. But for the learned the cause is more than that , they act  according  to the program and the director of their movement as (( Quriesh two )) the movement of the Arabs is planning to conquest black Africa starting from Sudan as a base and spring board which  must be occupied by the year 2020 the target date .

It is also important to report the statement of one of Niger Janjaweed s who confirmed the way they have been told and had actually taken part in the crimes. He said they were placed under the leadership of Mousa Hilal and there had been 18 men of his family members with him among Niger Janjaweed s. they started carrying out their duty from Kabkabiya to Tawila and Tarney . He reported that he discovered they were mislead and deceived, all the people they had killed were Muslims. It is Mousa Hilal who is not a Muslim. He said out of 18 members of his family only himself and his wounded nephew survived. The rest got killed by SLA armed forces in the area of Tarney . The Arabs are usually organized in groups of horsemen for war purposes a 100 men in each and are lead by (( ageed )) the   ageeds were gathered by security and military intelligence experts for brain washing and ordered them to carry out what was required of them . so that they behaved accordingly . It becomes clear way Arabs are brought to Sudan but the government used Islam to flavor the motive to the Janjaweed s for the a waited advent of the results of their criminal commitments .

The story of the teenager school girl who had become a mother by rape in her early teens starts here. The Janjaweed s stormed Tawila girls high school chased the horrified girls who tried to flee in all directions , she was caught by five men , blind folded her eyes , threw her on the ground , four of them  had her limbs strongly held apart and spreaded her ,the fifth man messed her virginity , her first experience with males was awfully horrible . All of them raped her in turn laughing while she screamed for help. She could hear through her screams her fellows and teachers also screaming and crying for mercy and help. She felt very ashamed telling her story. She said since then she had lived with her wounded pride and honor, but when she was told that she had conceived a chilled, she was unable to come to any kind of terms with herself. She took herself for a bitch to have had fife men raping her in her first experience with men. She would not know whose child it could be or how many children were possibly there inside her, after she had known that other girls also were pregnant, she accepted the matter as it was. She gave birth to a boy. She did not tell what she did to her baby infant, the sign of insult to her pride and the shame of her future life.

Some of the girls killed their infants as soon as they could get time for that considering it avenge. but they have entered the criminal world early blindly driven by the feeling of anger and shame it is impossible to tell or predict how these  young women can live in peace with themselves in this state of psychological disturbance in a society that places very high standards of value on the virginity and cleanness of young women , How these young women who are thrown in this dilemma at their beginning of womanhood can fit in such a community or society  without psychological help and re habitation ? Where can be the place and position of the children of rape particularly the children of Janjaweed? Who made the school girls the women they are now? Many embarrassing questions are there waiting for answers in Darfur today.

The catastrophe continues in spite of all the screams and cries in most parts of black Darfur , who is there to save the people of Darfur ? who is for humanity?

It is for the International community to put forwards more questions and find convincing answers to the people of black Darfur although some of the Arabs are going to pay for their collaboration with the regime at the hands of the regime itself .

The case of the school girl is only one example of several others , some of the raped  women in other places got killed by Janjaweed in heinous ways and means of devilish actions ,A young virgin after rape had her private part closed with a pad lock lest she gets used by an African man mixing the blood of the baby Arab with African dirty blood , that young woman died because she was never allowed to go anywhere , who can believe this in any other place except Darfur .

It is true as evil in black Darfur and had happened in wadisalih .

Why is such vicious aggression from man to man?  There must be some strong motive beyond it, what is this strong motive?  the International community is asked to find it out because if it is left uncurbed it surely will cover other places other than Darfur , say some countries in black Africa , In spite  of  the  investigations that has been conducted  by UN and its  finding s , the UN or the International community are unable to do  any thing  to harness Sudan government , then what is UN for if it fails in the case of Darfur to stop the crimes ?

Kamal eldin Ibrahim Ali

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