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GOS Flies Surveillance Planes with UN Colour over Darfur
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Feb 1, 2009 - 11:53:03 AM


The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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GOS Flies Surveillance Planes with UN Colour over Darfur

A Military Statement


January 29, 2009 :   A white aeroplane resembling UN planes flew over JEM forces near Muhajaria, South Darfur, at 4pm , Thursday January 29th.   UNAMID forces contacted by JEM denied use of any UN flight in the area.   This is not the first time that GOS uses UN/AU colours and logos in the area.


JEM appeals to the international community, and in particular the UN, to make sure that UN/AU logo and colours are not used by GOS in the area.   Such a callous action undoubtedly puts UNAMID forces in danger and must be strongly condemned and stopped.


Daylight bombing of civilians resumed today, Thursday 29th.   Bombing which lasted for almost the whole day covered areas east and west of Al Fashir, north of Al Geneina and Wadi Hawar of North Darfur.


Long Live Our Struggle for Justice and Equality


General Ali Alwafi

Military Spokesperson, JEM

Liberated Zone, Darfur



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