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Chad Ambassador Returns to Khartoum and Sudan Ambassador Leaves for N'djamena
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Nov 9, 2008 - 9:41:32 AM

Chad Ambassador Returns to Khartoum and Sudan Ambassador Leaves for N'djamena


Khartoum, Nov. 9 (SUNA) - Sudan and Chad ended the longest period of severed diplomatic relations between them that lasted for six months by arrival the Ambassador of Chad to Sudan, Bahr-Eddin Haroun, and his staff in Khartoum Sunday evening aboard a special Libya plane which, similarly, took Sudan Ambassador to Chad, Abdalla Al-Sheikh, and the embassy's staff to N'djamena. The return of the ambassadors to Khartoum and N'djamena marked resumption of the bilateral relations. Ambassador Abdalla Al-Sheikh expected the bilateral relations to be strong by all means, while the Chadian Ambassador said that the relations between Sudan and Chad are backed by political and people's will. Sudan Ambassador to N'djamena, Abdalla Al-Sheikh, hoped that resumption of the diplomatic relations will be for the interest of the two sister nations and will lead to solution of many of the pending issues. The Chadian Ambassador, Bahr-Eddin Haroun, said that strong relations and common interests are linking between the Chadian and Sudanese peoples, who desired restoration of the diplomatic between the two countries. Ambassador Abdalla Al-Sheikh lauded the Libyan role and the efforts of the Leader Muammar l-Qaddafi for enhancement and resumptions of the diplomatic relations between Khartoum and N'djamena, adding that the bilateral relations shall return stronger. He said that the mechanism for implementing Dakar agreement on the relations between Sudan and Chad would meet in N'djamena during November 12 - 14 with participation of the foreign ministers of the member states in the mechanism. Ambassador Al-Sheikh said that the Presidential Advisor, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, along with officials from Sudan and Libya expected to arrive in N'djamena during the meetings of Dakar mechanism. He said that a summit between the Presidents of Sudan, Libya and Chad would be held to push ahead the relations between Khartoum and N'djamena. MO/MO

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