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American Aggression against Sudan by Yassir Madani
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Aug 20, 2008 - 7:43:20 AM

American Aggression against Sudan

On the 20th of August in the year 1998, UScruise missiles struck and destroyed Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in Khartoum North. The strike was ordered by US President of the time Bill Clinton under the so-called fight against terrorism which has turned out to be a series of lies built upon lies on Sudan.

That missile strike represented a brutal act of war and the claims by Clinton and the US Administration that the factory was making a chemical component of nerve gas. This claim has been largely discredited by experts who knew what nerve gas or chemical weapons were.
The factory was Sudan's largest commercial manufacturer of human drugs and also maker of veterinary medicines. It produced 50% of the country's requirements, so the consequences of its destruction on the lives and health of Sudanese people were immense.

The bombing of the Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Plant was one of Clinton's lamest lies, but who cares?

Sudanese government stated at the time that the aggression did not affect Sudan only, but tomorrow it could be on another country since the US Administration seems ready to release the trigger of its missiles on any country it wishes to hit with impunity even if such a country is as innocent as a lamb like Sudan was in 1998.

When Al-Shifa was hit there was silence from the international community, despite all the evidence that the US accusation of the Sudan was based on assumptions and not on facts and following Sudan's call to UN to investigate. This showed how afraid the individual countries were of the giant called USA which can fire missiles at any country at will since no country dare challenge it of such crime!

Double standards are too numerous in the world and the international community cannot speak in support of any victim country because of fear.




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