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Yes, there is a human atrocity in Darfur but who behind it… by AL-Tayeb M. Al-Hassan
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Aug 24, 2008 - 8:38:46 AM


Yes, there is a human atrocity in Darfur but who behind it…


In the past five years Darfur crisis, limitless, has occupied the international public opinion and became the international media chewing gum opening wide routes to international intervention in Sudan. Darfur Region ethnic structure doesn’t differ than any other Sudanese region because the country has been and stills a settlement for Trans-African immigrants and a cross boarder to Arabia towards Makkah transforming the region into multi-mixed racial tribal zone. Nomads or Arabs and local farmer (here we can not say black Africans or white Arabs because both sides are black but we refer to by origins) co-existed with regardless of ethnic backgrounds. Arab nomads -later known of what-so-called Gangaweed Militias - and local farmer inhabitants share the same land for contrasting human activities -agriculture and grazing-. Consequently, clashes over the land yearly occur between these two competing groups. When nomads move herds of livestock in search for better fresh pastures they tread on, and devastate the agriculture of the other party. That was the historic background behind Darfur today’s epidemic problem. Historically, it never developed into racism, genocides or human cleansing as today’s’ allegations. In the older days, in tension times, wise selections from both sides satisfactorily and in opened conventions, impose wisdom and influence with unremarkable governmental potential interference, they, successfully, used to reach and execute acceptable compensational settlements for human lives loss or property damages.

Time has changed. Recently, political mobilization and polarization between traditional religious rival parties fused the traditional, historic, non-racial dispute adding new dimensions and more complications led to serious and dangerous implications vandalized the (peasant) harmonized co-existence in region and   more worst threatens Sudan’s unity and integrity.


The Nivasha Peace Accord with the central government and the rebels in the South has set new standards of political ambition increased dreamer numbers in the other hot regions. Darfureans – farmers’ side envious to South Rebels, with dreams of similar autonomy agreements signature with the central government, started mobilization in their ethnic backgrounds against the central government escalating traditional disputes over the land with Arab nomads to show government influence impotence to justify later international intervention for protection. They triggered clashes with nomads and government garrisons and they have to retaliate. Exchanged retaliation vengeances had heavily tolled farmers as well as nomads. Refugees streamed out of the country towards neighboring Chad, camps and to the unknown. Politically ambitious Darfureans seized the chance start lobbying, in a phased plan, starts with what-so-called Arab Gangaweed Militias then, moves to be, against government with allegations of human cleansing, genocides or war crimes fully supported and mainly by western countries which have their own strategic agendas behind, whether in Darfur region or against Sudan Islamic regime. Yet the main goal not achieved until finally similar to Iraq triumphantly they inter Khartoum on Americans tank backs. Yes the dream may come true because in our time most of the dreams have become true. In Iraq it took 20 years but to happen in Sudan it may take much more unknown period of time. It depends on who is most defiant, central government or Darfur Rebels.


Now back, how the Sudanese Traditional Religious Parties have negatively interfered in the region. They always used to play the political game the wrong way. The Islamic National Front by Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi and his military associate president Omar Al-Basheer over threw the elected government in 1989 promising to restore a true democracy later. In feverish political campaigns in Darfur throughout the strong holds of traditional rival, Umma Party they adopted Darfurean farmers against what-so-called Gangaweed Militias so later they can win their election votes in the foreseen promised democratic elections. Umma Partly led by H.E AL-Sadiq Al-Mahdi in turn, refreshed activities in the old strong holds of fans now targeted by Islamic Movement. An incurable deadly crack has split the Islamic ruling movement into two parties, President Omar A. Hassan Al-Basheer on top of the ruling side and tumbled Dr. Turabbi topped the ousted one. Al-Bahseer government, unluckily, inherited tensioned Darfur to shoulder alone solutions search and bear also alone all failures and deteriorations consequences. Restless compromise in direct and indirect peace negotiations with Darfur rebels held in Aboja, Asmara, and Tripoli with help of African leaders General Al-Basheer government led tough and soft peace talks march but steadfast oppose Darfureans as always reject any successful solution to settle peace on the ground because not yet agendas quest has been satisfied.


Negatively interferer and the unlimitedly supporter, Chadian regime by President Idrees Debbe extending support to his tribal reach (Zaghawa) in Sudan has also substantially participated in conflict escalations and skirmish irruptions. President Idrees Debbe has played a double-faced agent element giving one face to the Sudanese government and the other to Darfurean rebels. Connive accusations between the two countries has led to exchange major military attacks in one year time.


For the international community, if not only shedding crocodile tears and really tend to solve Darfur problem, they have to see another way else, than supporting Darfur Rebels or accusing President Al-Basheer of war crimes which they confidently know, it never exactly happened.


It was because of horrified poor people not intentionally crushed between the fighting forces and fled the country to anguished refugee camps staying with no any ability to return; now they suffer humiliation and lives losses everyday. I think responsibility totally lays  on both warring parties but rebels should shoulder the big slice because government has every reason to defend it citizens.


International community has to work immediately in how to disarm, simultaneously, both nomads and rebels and abide and enable government to take control but in breakups not retaliate.

Meanwhile, never forget about alleged organized genocides or war crimes taken place in Darfur until investigations over and truth revealed. UN has to be involved only refugees help to come back home.

Yes, there is a human ordeal but not has developed into Darfureans allegations otherwise who would keep silent in Sudan. Moreover, Darfureans’ have to be more honest about allegations of war crimes, ethnic cleansing or genocide in the region. They deadly know all Sudan nation originated out of Darfur region and some Darfurean now partners in the central government while their big families still in Darfur. How could they accept to take part in the central government with such allegations if it is true? Then who cleans who? The ambition for autonomy or share power and wealth with the central government has to be through clean legal negotiations to get what they want or reach an acceptable solution. They have to test the Presidential vow initiative to solve Darfur dilemma.


For dependable investigations reports, and for world justice service, neutral international comities have to conduct investigations in allegations of war crimes and apparently no clean hands among warring parties. Otherwise, disorder in Sudan is a foreseen threat and Iraq is an excellent example.


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