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Why is Rebecca Crying? By Dr. Mawien Akot*
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Jun 29, 2006 - 6:03:00 AM

Why is Rebecca Crying?
By Dr. Mawien Akot*
The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), singed between SPLA/M and the NIF-led Government of Sudan in Nairobi, Kenya, on January 9, 2005, was a true milestone in the history of our country. Throughout negotiation period which extended for several years, Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the then Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLA/M never lost hope in finding peaceful solution to the one of Africa’s longest civil wars. Although John Garang knew very well the conning nature of rouge National Islamic Front (NIF) regime, he negotiated a peaceful settlement with an open mind. In his interview with BBC’s Radhi El Ashur soon after signing of CPA, Garang acknowledged the very nature of Sudan’s bloody government. Like Apartheid regime of South Africa he said, “NIF is an evil that must be dealt with.”
Yes, the evil’s plan to accept peace was a calculated one to eliminate a visionary leader in an attempt to leave our nation astray. Like divine Jesus Christ who carried his own Cross to Calvary for crucifixion, comrade Dr. John Garang De Mabior returned to Khartoum to square face his imminent death in the name of peace. The arrival of our charismatic leader, John Garang De Mabior, was celebrated by more than six million people to envy of the NIF. Unfortunately, twenty one days later, John Garang faced his fate in a mysterious helicopter crash near the New Kush. That day, Garang’s wife, madam Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior surprised us all. While everyone was socked in tears and riots tore apart major cities of Sudan, including Khartoum, comrade Nyandeng helped maintain calm. She never cried, or shed tears.
Her brave stance was confirmed during burial of Garang’s remains in Juba when she reaffirmed her commitment to the cause of our people’s struggle. Rebecca took a resolve not to cry until something goes wrong with her new husband- the CPA. With this she acquired unprecedented admiration as a good leader and her fame echoed in Sudan and beyond. Internally, the iron lady won a ministerial position in the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), while her efforts to maintain peace caught the eyes of international community, particularly the United States of America. Hence, Mrs. De Mabior became the first Sudanese or African lady invited to attend US State of the Union Address, the biggest national political event in America.
Amid triumph and political success, Madam Rebecca is reported to be crying heavily these days. People in Juba reported that our mother is seen frequently weeping at night on the tomb of late Dr. John Garang. But why is she weeping now?
It must be recalled that when John Garang died, many people including the author of this piece maintained hope by clinching on the fact that death of a hero is not equivalent to a total demise of a nation. Hopes for a strong New Sudan held our tears in the eyeballs as we stared in the horizon bagging God to grant our children and the generations to come a much brighter future for which John Garang and gallant SPLA martyrs spelt their precious blood. However, when a nation looses vision and direction, many people ought to cry! How can’t we cry when SPLA soldiers (the liberators) are hungry with a full battalion depending on animal hunting for subsistence while Kenya and LRA are given millions of dollars from the budget Southern Sudan?
How can’t we cry when NIFers take a lead of SPLM party and the outsiders brought in to determine our destiny? Any true SPLM leader is left to find solace in handing in a resignation. Cdr. Nhial Deng Nhial is a living example! How on earth could anyone (including Rebecca) withhold his/her tear and we have lost leadership. While traveling on the highway of freedom, our driver, President Salva Kiir Mayardit, promised that SPLM/A is a vessel without a reverse gear. He then took a backseat to relax, leaving those of Martin Majut, Telar Ring, Aleu Ayeng and others to test-drive!
God knows who is leading us or where we are heading to! We are in simple terms -a Ship without a Captain! This situation necessitates powering a rain of tears on Garang’s grave with the hope that God grows a tiny beautiful tree of vision to open the eyes of those “leaders” who are sleepwalking while on duty. GOSS requires a miracle to move us past the referendum period if we ever get there altogether. Remember, if we fail to achieve any tangible results from CPA, there will be no GOSS, there will be no 50/50 division of oil. Everything will roll back to the old Sudan; therefore, Rebecca’s tears should ring all bells and whistles while it’s never too late. Drop a tear wherever you are for the sake of our failing nation. Much better, speakout or make a positive change!!!
Dr. Mawien Akot is a medical doctor based in Regina, Canada. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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