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Who is Behind Masseriya Tribe? by Mack Awer, former Red Army
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Apr 28, 2008 - 6:28:57 PM

Politicians, analyts, media pundits and ordinary citizens have been asking the same question for the last six months of who is arming and supporting the Massiriya to launch attacks against Southern Sudan Army - SPLA.
The answer, although not declared openly, is obvious that the Northern Sudan entire system is fighting the SPLM/A and GoSS by proxy.One is wondering why should this happens when the CPA clearly states that there are only three armies in Sudan, namely the Sudan Army Forces, SPLA and Joint integrated Unit. Therefore, why is Massiriya still possessing weapons? Why do they attack SPLA? Where do they get these weapons, ammunitions and all necessary logistics to make it easy for them to attack SPLA? All these are provided by the NCP and other political parties in the north who are all time enemies of the Southerners. They don't want to see stability and development in the South. They have realized that CPA has tied their hands behind to continue with their policies of subdueing Southerners. Yet, not convinced by the provisions of the CPA and embrassment, they resort to use landless people of Massiriya to saboatage and undermine security in the South and to annex all border areas.
The Norhterners are still oblivious about changes that have and are taking stages in every sector in Sudan.
The Message to Massiriya is that, they have to come to their senses that they and their backers are not benefactors of war they are waging against us. They are the ultimate losers because northerners have land. They must ask themselves whether they will succeed in what northerners have tried for 55 years, but failed.
I am appealing to GoSS and SPLA to use all necessary mains to stop the Massiriya and whoever is backing them in attacking SPLA positions. It is unethicable and unacceptable to see our soldiers being attacked and killed by foreigners like Massiriya during this peace time. Massiriya tribe must to cleared out or return back to Mauritania where they came during Mahdi Islamic Revolution. Leaving Massirirya in arms is a great breach to the CPA and sovereignity of the South. Use gunship helicopters and heavy artillary to clear out Massiriya in South Sudan territories. Angry is killing me when is see on TV Massiriya waving up their weapons and boast of killing our sodiers. Our soldiers shouldn't be cheap preys for the Arabs, and in particular cockraoches like Massiriya. CPA cannot be implemented on the expense of our soldiers and not one side should implement it in spirirt. It is meaningless even to sign peace between one mere tribe and two states of Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Unity. What is the legitimate cause that Massiriya wants from us?
These initiatives should be taken in dealing with Massiriya. They must killed and destroyed completely.
SPLA and GoSS must do something about this headache and parasite tribe. Southerners must bear in that what northerners want is not Abyei only, but entire border areas from Bahr El Ghazal to Upper Nile. To stop them from achieving this goal, we must use the language they understand well. If they want peace, they must stop using this dirty, thieves and barbaric tribe.
Mack Awer, former Red Army

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