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What is the Alternative ? By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)
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May 14, 2006 - 3:29:00 AM

What is the Alternative ?

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)
May 13, 2006, e-mail: [email protected]
I do believe that there’ll not be any lasting peace in Sudan while the Al-Intikas regime is still governing the country according to the unjust Naivasha Agreement: 52 % of the Parliament’s seats for the the dictator Omar Al-Bashir's party, 28 % for the SPLM/A and 20 % for all the remaining parties of the country (14 % for the northeners, the westerners and the easterners, and 6 % for the southerners parties, those who don’t belong to the SPLM/A. If the coalition NCP/ SPLM/A really want peace for whole the country, they should accept the modification of these unjust percentages that marginate the opposition groups in the Parliament, giving each region and each party its weight in the society. So as to obtain a pacific transition with the participation of all the political forces in the south, north, center, east and in the west. Or should immediately hold a
free and fair elections.

Did Mr. Minni Arkou Minawi do the right thing in signing the Abuja Peace Agreement?

Any peace agreement that only signed in order to silence the guns, can stop the war for some years, but it could never bring about a lasting peace. This only can be achieved eliminating the reasons of the war. Otherwise, the Darfurian people who have suffered all kinds of humiliations and atrocities will hold the guns again, if they feel Cheated by the regime.
As I mentioned previously the Al-Intikas regime and the SPLM/A have built a very strong wall to protect their own interests. So, none of the rebel groups in any Sudanese region could destroy this wall or climbed it in order to share power with the NCP/ SPLM coalition. Unless, it accepts their abusive conditions.
I think Mr. Minawi under the international community pressure did the same as the other Sudanese rebel groups and political opponents who have already signed “peace” agreements with the regime: Mr. Sadiq AL-Mahdi left the NDA and the fighting, went back home and started a pacific political activities. Later, Mr. John Garang has signed Naivasha Comprehensive Peace agreement (CPA) with the regime on behalf of the Southerners, in spite of the rejection of the NDA. Moreover, the SPLM/A became part of the government. Some years later, the rest of the NDA’s members have been forced by Egypt to sign a shameful “peace” agreement with the coalition NCP / SPLM that only guarantees jobs for the signers. All these false peace agreements had been signed this way, because the political opponents are not unite. Since, the Al-Intikas’ regime is always using the tactic of divide and conquer.
The international community (AU, UN, EC and the US) doesn’t worry about our legitimate demands, it just wants to end the conflict in order to cure its headache; because, Darfur is not Kuwait or Bosnia and we are Africans. This is the reason why it didn’t put any pressure on the Al-Intikas’ regime, by the contrary, it put high pressure on the rebel groups so as to sign the peace agreement, just because it has already been accepted by the Al-Intikas’ regime. The mediators of the African Union (AU), Britain and the US and the United Nation Organization (UNO) even threatening sanctions against the rebels, if they refused to do so.

What is the alternative for Abdel Wahid and Dr. Khalil?

Mr. Abdel Wahid Mohamed AL-Nur has declared that he’ll never sign the African Union Peace Proposal, unless it includes his demands. Because he things that the proposal only solves the humanitarian situation. At the same time he said that he is going to respect the cease-fire. Then what will he do in order to stop the continuos attacks of the Janjaweed militia against the indigenous civilians? How can he solves the disastrous situation of the refugees in Chad and the millons of the Internal displaced people inside Darfur?
From my point of view, if the internation community pays no attention to your legitimate demands and forced you to accept its conditions, then you have only one choice: to accept and do what they want you to do, or refuse to do so and fight against all. By the way, this last is a suicide.

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