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Waiting for Abdel Wahid/Editorial of Citizen Newspaper
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Jun 5, 2006 - 2:14:00 AM

Editorial of Citizen Newspaper Date 4/6/2006


Waiting for Abdel Wahid


One thing Abdel Wahid Muhammed El Nur must get straight, and that is that virtually the whole world knows the agreement submitted by the African Union in Abuja and signed by Minawi and the Sudanese government cheats the Darfur people out of their legitimate aspirations as the historic owners of Darfur and citizens of the Republic of Sudan.

     The Africans Union people know that it cheats the Darfurians, but they knew that the National Congress wanted the peace talks to collapse so that the AU would withdraw its involvement at all levels and NCP would be free to pursue their genocide agenda in Darfur. In fact, the only reason the NCP signed the agreement was that their attempt to remove Idris Deby from power in Chad failed; had they succeeded in putting their puppets in power in N'djamena they would have proceeded to frustrate the AU efforts while escalating their massacre of the Darfurians.

      Kofi Annan knows that the agreement cheats the Darfurians, but he knew that an agreement was needed to get a Security Council resolution passed on sending in UN peacekeepers under Article 7, which authorizes sanctions and eventually forceful intervention if the National Congress persists in denying consent.

                                          Another thing Abdel Wahid must know is that the NCP has no real friends; everyone concerned with Sudan wants them to go, not to mention the popular hatred for this regime domestically. The Chinese won't come out and say it for the whole world to hear, but they deeply resent the political annoyances and billions of dollars in disinvestment the NCP regime has caused them. They also recent having to get their hands dirty in driving Sudanese citizens from the oil producing areas to get access to the wells they need to pump oil for their rapidly expanding economy. They would prefer a popular regime in Khartoum, rather than this police state,  and a peacefully united country with no international crises that reflects badly on Chinese involvement.

      The Malaysians also hate this regime, though they also would not like how they really feel about it known. Since Malaysia started investing around the world, and especially in Africa, nowhere has their involvement brought the volume of controversy and political mess as in the National Congress Party's Sudan.  

      Kofi Annan, the African Union, the Americans and everyone else in the international community are insisting that you sign the agreement because they want to see the internal political forces against this regime strengthened and don't want you to become irrelevant, whereby the New Sudan forces, which are determined to take this country at the ballot box, sooner or later, would be weakened.

     Khalil Ibrahim's threat of declaring an independent Darfur is timely, because both the South and the Beja have also threatened independence from the old Sudan; but under no circumstances should the bond between the Darfurians, Beja, Southerners,  Nuba, Nubians, Southern blue Nile and other marginalized people of Sudan be broken. This is the most crucial stage in the making of the New Sudan revolution and strategically SPLM has been leading the revolution and is till doing so. Don't break with Salva Kiir. He invited you for tête-à-tête revolutionary talks. It was not right for you to fail the appointment. The day after the joint NCP-SPLM conference Salva promised the tens of thousands of Sudanese assembled at Khartoum's Mulid Square that the New Sudan political forces, led by SPLM, would win the next elections. That is the direction the political train has taken. Get on it Abdel Wahid.

     On principle you would have been absolutely right to ball that cheating agreement up and throw it in the faces of the AU chaps that presented it; but strategically the only sensible option you have at this point is to sign it.  

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