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Unity of darfur by Babiker Gardia

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I call today, as one of darfurian in diaspora, as one of survivor of genocide in darfur, to address one of most important element which we needed now more than any thing else, is unity.


We the people of darfur before hundred year ago, before we join sudan, it was ruled by one man which is ali denar, I believe in that time we never hear about, genocide, ethic cleansing, janjaweed, or refugee camp.


At that time until early eighties, all the people of darfur, from difference tribes, ethnic group are living side by side in peaceful, we never hear that zaghawa want to form their independent country or arab are janjaweed killing and looting villages, or fur leader want to drive other tribe out of darfur.


I born and lived in darfur, i raise and studied in darfur, I have travel and I have friend from arab, fur and zaghawa, what I know from these people are generous and peaceful, they have common since which is respect people from every region, every religion alike.


Now then, I want to talk about what happen to these people, try to understand background in order to solve our problem, her where the question rise, let start since darfur joined the sudan. Are darfurian people participate fully in government since joined sudan 1916? No, are they get their full right since independent of sudan? No.


Since independent of sudan, there were a view people in sudan are educated, that why they took control, instead of build that independent to benefit of sudan, unfortunately, they not. This is the time of 1956 until early eighties, not only these but in khartum there were systematic target of darfurian, and some times deported any darfurian from khartoom to darfur just like foreigners.


In fact we the people of sudan, some of elites, particularly from north sudan involved in slave trade, and this mindset of superior still exist in mind of some in sudan.


Because of   lack of education within darfurian by the time of independent help successors government mainly arab government to exploit darfurian used religious card to fight south sudan for mare than two decade.


in fact the real reason why fight of south and north took more than two decade, that not because of religious but in fact is the fight between jalaba arab and black, particularly jalaba term used to arab who rules sudan since independent, but jalaba used religious card to gin up troop and they won.


Since independent of sudan until 2003, most of darfurian if not all , exploited by Hatred ideology of jalaba to be part of injustice in sudan, by supporting government to fight john garang, from student, traders, politician and doctors.


That is not means that some darfurian politician are not part of jalaba them self. But these people have been defeated by systematic policies of khartoom which favor some ethnic group over other and policies favor arab identity of country over African these is perceive from national TV, and study system in schools, I have had all my education to university in sudan, and I never see any history or geographical of black African country, all you can see in sudan history is mainly arab countries history.


I do not want to say that arab identity is not part of sudan, but there is African identity also exist and this is fact. Unique of sudan which consist from arab and African is good and more than good but when exploited by government to favor one over another, and systematically target to eliminate another is problem.


The situation in sudan since independent, there is no democracy and yet no infrastructures, health, education and above all there is no security in darfur particular.


This situation of injustice, inequality and neglects from khartoom the situation in darfur deteriorate, and something have to happen in darfur, eventually, revolution erupted in darfur in 2003.


Why the insurgence grow up too easily and defeat government force in many situation, because the anger and ignorance among darfurian people from teachers have not receive his basic salaries for sixth month, to under and postgraduate have not job opportunity for life, to mother of lost his son been killed by government because he is from African tribe, to son he lost his father in front of his eye.


In this circumstances the revolution in darfur started in 2003, with hope of better future, more justices, more equality in sudan and yet darfur. With these simple words many of darfurian who volunteer them self to confront the most ammunitions troops in Africa and also most brutal government in 21th centuries.


No one in sudan predicted that government respond to basic demand from darfurian people in such way, what was happen is jalaba government responding to kill and drive all African tribe from darfur and handed their land to arab event from outside sudan,


Since 2003, until now government have killed more 400000, and driven all africian tribe from darfur, either in refuge camp in chad or in internal displace person. This is the fact that   United Nation see and do nothing,.


Her nagging question is remain, what is the role of UN to protect people against genocide, in the end I came to conclusion that government of Sudan is stronger to resist all the world or the world is agree with what is going on in darfur..


In term of UN in order to help darfur or to stop genocide it is very easy to do so, by implementing any effective pressures, such as no fly zone, or oil with food programs just like happen to northern iraq


Finally, I call all the darfurian weather they are in rebel, diaspora, or in sudan to come unity and fight against injustice and inequality in sudan.




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