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US Feverish Attempts by Omar Al Bushra
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Jul 7, 2008 - 9:57:49 PM

US Feverish Attempts

As reported, UN Security Council condemnation of the attack of the UMAMID supply convoy in Darfur has aroused the resent of GoS. That resent is not unjustified. The Sudanese armed forces admitted that the attack was resulted  from their forces being not informed in advance of the movement of the convoy.

Added to that, the convoy movement at night time made its identification difficult in a region where rebels are at large.

After all, Sudanís support to UNAMID is out of question. Even UN itself has repeatedly referred to the cooperation of Sudan government as such to the deployment of the hybrid operation.

As a result, we feel that the decision to condemn the Sudanese Armed Forces was unfortunate because UNAMID shares with them the responsibility of the attack which occurred by mistake.

Given that the incident was not intended, it would not affect the close cooperation between Sudan and UNMAID. However, some parties attempted to capitalize on it to fish in troubled waters. The threat by US Representative to UN of sanctioning Sudan was but an example of such attempts.

That threat clearly unveils US ill-intensions towards the Sudan. Or else, how do we construe its threat being triggered by an act that took place by mistake as admitted by the Sudanese Armed Forces themselves. At the same time why has US turned a blind eye to the naked Chadian aggression on the innocent civilians in Darfur villages while it has seized on an incident which was far from being deliberate or intentional?

We are not amazed at US behaviour. US as we said earlier has addicted threatening Sudan for no good reason. But what we are after is to warn the international community against being led by US feverish propaganda.



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