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The big lie by Ismail Abdallah M.

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The big lie


Darfour the region which let the whole globe quote its name  every day and night , the world witnessed the emerge of the conflict when the rebel of  SLM and JEM  attacked the air port of  El fasher the capital of the state in 2003 then the media distributed the news and information about it , some of these information are true and some are not , then some terminologies entered the dictionary of politics in Sudan and the world   such as Jnjaweed , Jalaba , Zurga and Arabs ,   also the news of ethnic cleansing and the massacres which the western media exaggerated in reflecting the reality of it .


Really there are many mistakes taken by the western media regarding the killing of innocent people in darfour which is not a new event that just happened  after 2003 , since the eighties of the past century the gangs of looters has committed   a series of organized crimes these looters are mainly from Zagawa tribe which is now acting on the ground as a rebel group , the members of this tribe who were sharing in and carrying   weapons and threatens innocent people and kill them in order to take their money and properties by force , most of these innocent people are from other darfourian tribes who used to work as small merchants that move between towns and villages searching for suitable markets to sell their goods , these looters joined the army of the two rebels factions in darfour when these movements emerged, also they committed some crimes against humanity by killing citizens in some villages such as korma, Taweela and Geraida . in order to get the support of the international community they accused the Arab Origins Tribes of taking aggressive attacks against them ,  it is not   exactly right because of the poor situation that Arab Origins Tribes are living , if you compared them with the members of these tribes  in  equipments you find these ones who used to be members of gangs of  looters are well equipped with  advanced modern weapons and four wheels drive motors , the poor Arabs do not have motors , vehicles   and  modern weapons , they still living a simple and primitive  life and they are in need of development as the whole   state   in need of it , but it’s the politics which makes  the upside down , the so called janjaweed   group consists of   different members from different tribes , Arab origins ones and members of pure African tribes are also have their share in this   militia , the accused Arab origins tribes are mixed racially with the pure African people in the state , but the politicians who expressed the political view of darfour obstacle are mainly from pure African tribes and they practiced discrimination in conveying this point of view to international activists and did their best so as to emphasize that   the Arab origins are the cause of the war and the massacres , at the  very time they forgot their long corrupted history in  sharing in these crimes and in killing innocent citizens , it is a big lie   when they say the  Arabs origins are the cause    because they   know that these are   not pure Arabs, they inherited the traditions and language from their grand fathers who were married to local pure African women , they also participated in the progress of   all  darfourian sultanates , the rulers of the sultanate of    fur in darfour are the decendants of the sultan Abdulrahman Solonga   whose grand father   is an Arabian man who came across the sultanate in his way traveling to north Africa   he  got married to one of the daughters of the sultan then  the sultan died  and   he had no son to inherit the ruling of the Sultanate  except his son in law the Arabian man ,  from that time the rulers of fur sultanate are Arab origins  until the last one who was killed by British colonialization regime ..Sultan Ali Dinar      in 1916 in his way to jebel mara , this fact proof that the existence of arabs in darfour as a positive acting community is since long time ago , their role in the history of darfour and sudan in general is not new as some darfourian politicians say , these arab orgins tribes has played an important role in the Mahdia Revolution in 1881 when the mahdi stand against the colonialization of Turkish Egyptian army , the mahdi depended in all western sudan tribes to establish his  army and state , there was the khalifa Abdullah who was the second man after the mahdi and this khalifa is from one of the tribes of arab origins from darfour who  built the strong state with   the Mahdi and later he became a governor of the Mahdia State  after the death of   the mahdi , the Khalifa and some of the Arab orgins darfourian tribes defeated all the enemies of the state at that time , the inside and the  outside enemies  , it was the only liberated state  among most of the colonialized African countries , the end of the state was in 1899 when the British army invaded  sudan and by that date a new date of history has marked itself .


It is very important that the international community should be a ware of the   conspiracies that is led by   some of darfourian leaders who are related to some rebel movements , these politicians and leaders   are still insisting that the problem is against certain race in darfour   which is not true , for all the acting groups has shared in the committed crimes whether the Janjaweed  group or the armed movements or  the government of sudan , there should be a fair investigation in these crimes without using a double standard assessment and measurements , if you gave a look at these movements you observe the tribal constitution that leads their plans and strategies , some of them even managed   and ruled by a single family of brothers and cousins also in some of them you notice the influence of the members of the so called Islamic National Front which is the main  regime that caused the suffering of Sudanese people , so how can these fundamentalists who are hiding behind the rebel movements   help in any peace programme   in the future of darfour? , they have primitive thoughts that has thrown the Sudanese country in the victimized   situation , by their existence in the political future of sudan they will not help in achieving  any democratic state , they only know the snaky way in their political behavior and they do not pay attention to their innocent people who are using the sun as   a shelter in the camps in darfour , they have a moody thinking in dealing with humanitarian problem in darfour they hardly reach a peace agreement because of their hidden agenda , they always think of their expelled leader Dr.Hassan Elturabi   , they use darfour political struggle  as a bridge to cross and rebuild their political and military state   , I do not think that any aware person will let these extremists come again to add more suffers to Sudanese people.


Ismail Abdallah M.

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