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The Jinjaweed Leader By : kuku kadia
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Dec 11, 2006 - 2:08:00 PM

            The Jinjaweed Leader
 By : kuku kadia
  I got news from diffrent Darfoian that insuring the jinjaweed are an special forces (battalion) belong to the Sudan Army under direct military orders from minster of Defence Abd El-raheem M. Hussien and and President Bashier They co-ordinate with people Defence Millitia and people police (ISLAMIC FORCES), these forces are orgnized Army not Nomad Arabs they deal with Special missions (policy) from National Congress Party and the islamic fundmentalist (qaida) they comoflage under the horses and special clothes covering thier faces not to be known.but many are telling me that these people jinjaweed you cant capture them and even WITHDREW thier weapons after peace Agreements because  infact they are orgnized soldiers . Most of the people even western countries did nt know this fact , so the jinjaweed are evry where in fashir in head quarter of army - police walking in the streets with people loughing buying things from markets and no body know that they are the same jinjaweed who kills ,rape, ....???
   so Omer Bashier  thinks he is clever and no body can catch him this is why he is refusing the UN troops and Lahai Court.
 But the question is that can Omer Bashier soon or later escape away from our Justice????? 
   kuku kadia aburaida
 New Sudan School For Ideoligical and Revultionary Studies
Department Of Information and Culture
Nuba Mountains

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