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Dear Sirs  

I am Ali Mahmoud Hassanein a lawyer and the Vise President of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). I spent years of my life in political detention fighting all dictatorial regimes in the Sudan (1958-1964) (1969-1985) (1989 until now). I devoted my life and career for the cause of human rights and democratic principles. I am now about 70 years old. I write to you today behind bars of the present totalitarian regime of the so called Ingaz in a clearly fabricated case for the overthrow of the government. The detainees were arrested by the security forces and most of them were tortured to extract false confessions.  

The whole legal system in the Sudan is completely dominated and controlled by the oppressive security forces who keep the detainee in solicitory confinement all day with no communication to outside world whatsoever. The guard who locks the door is not allowed to speak with the detainee. During the investigation the detainee is subject to continuous torture until the dictated required confession is extracted. The Attorney General is controlled by the security forces. The judges cannot pass a decision without the prior consent of the security forces.  

In our case after the security investigation is completed the case has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice, another branch controlled by the security. The detainees were asked to repeat the same confessions extracted by the security officers. The detainees were brought before a judge who receives the instructions from the security forces. The judge asks the detainees to repeat the statements they were forced to deliver before. These statements in all stages were not given freely or voluntarily. In my personal case they failed to record any incriminating statements. We are now in political detention. The judge orders renewal of detention despite the clear provision of section 79 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which forbids the judge to extend detention unless the detainee is charged. No detainee is charged until now which makes the detention unlawful.  

As for the Darfur crisis my party which is a leading opposition party advocates that the Sudan should be divided into 7 major regions: Darfur; Kordofan; the South; the Central; The East; the North and Khartoum. Each region may establish within the region as many states as it deems necessary. The states are accountable to the region and not to the Central Government. As such Darfur shall be a region as it was in 1989 at the time of the present coup dedat. The Presidency shall be composed of a President and 7 Vice Presidents, each coming from a region. The Vice President from the South shall be the first Vice President as stipulated in the CPA. So a Vice President shall come from Darfur. This satisfies the demand of Darfur and other silent regions at the verge of explosions. The presidency shall represent the unity and integration of a diversified country. The infra structure of Darfur must be built. Burned villages shall be rebuilt so that the millions of refugees and UDP may be rehabilitated. There must be fair and equitable compensation, general compensation, and individual compensation for the suffering incurred. International support must be solicited and donors should be sought and encouraged.  

Hideous crimes were and are committed in Darfur by the Gangaweed and government supported forces. Genocide crimes of war and crimes against humanity were and are still committed. Any person or body responsible for such atrocities must be brought to justice before the ICC. The Sudan judiciary is neither competent nor able to try high ranking people in the government. They are all clothed by immunity and the judges are subject to their dictates and orders. We are certainly for mixed African and UN forces. The immediate work of these forces should be the disarmament of the Gangaweed and all militias. Law and order must be restored and rule of law must prevail.  

I am not contemplating smooth cooperation from a totalitarian government which is the cause of all suffering of the peaceful beloved people of my country. The government believes in no way to solve the problem except by the use of excessive violence and elimination of its supporters. I hope that your visit as the wise people of the world shall contribute in:  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1-      <!--[endif]--> Elevating the distress and sufferings of the people of Sudan.  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2-      <!--[endif]--> Solving the tragedy of Darfur in the light of the suggestions aforesaid mentioned.  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3-      <!--[endif]--> Democratic transformation in the Sudan.  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4-      <!--[endif]--> Release of all political prisoners and detainees.  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->5-      <!--[endif]--> Repealing all laws inconsistent with the Interim Constitution and the CPA.  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->6-      <!--[endif]--> Fair, transparent and credible elections run by a government not controlled by the ruling NCP and under the direct supervision and control of the international community.  

           GOD BLESS YOU ALL  

     Ali Mahmoud Hassanein  

Vice President (DUP)  

Kober Prison  



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