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SPLM and the look for a presidential candidate By: Helen Andrew
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Sep 7, 2008 - 7:25:09 PM

SPLM and the look for a presidential candidate


By: Helen Andrew


It seems that the second SPLM convention, which took place lately, has complicated the institutional issues inside the movement more and more rather than before. In this regard monitors used to notice the voices of two or three persons not in harmony with the SPLM line, but now we notice more and more odd voices within SPLM. One of the odd things that followed the general convention is the statement of the SPLM deputy secretary general Yassir Arman in which he confirmed that SPLM has decided to nominate General Silva Kiir for presidency in 2009 elections. The announcement created great differences among the SPLM and some senior officials in the movement though that Silva Kiir will commit a political suicide if accepts the nomination. Analysts think that Sudanese will accept Dr, Granag to be a president for Sudan for his personality and charisma recognised by both his enemies and his friends but for Silva Kiir the situation is different. Silva Kiir is known for his silence and some observers describe him as politically handicapped and he is not controlling the SPLM. Silva Kiir failure can be proved by the severe difference among SPLM both in the north and the south and failure in managing south Sudan financial resources. However Silva Kiir did not get the courage to visit any of northern Sudan states up to now. According to an unpublished study conducted by political science students in one of the universities Silva Kiir will not get more than %5 of the Sudanese votes.

However the Deputy Chairman of South Sudan government Dr. Rick Mashar told journalists last week that SPLM did decide on who will be its candidate for presidency. This statement however reflects the great differences among the SPLM in all levels. Analysts think that there are greenat differences among SPLM factions especially between Dr. Garang sons and the Separatists. The great contradictions in SPLM leaders' statements reveal that there are great differences among the movement. Observers think that presenting Silva Kiir as SPLM candidate for presidency is part of the plans and mutinies to destroy him.


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