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Jan 9, 2007 - 7:24:00 AM



By Hakim Makuer Gol




For the occasion of CPA second anniversary, I salute our fallen heroes; those who have gloriously sacrificed their life as a price of justice and peace in Sudan, and also extend my congratulations with two thumbs-up for our men and women in uniform, for their excellent duty of protecting peace and stability in New Sudan.


Since the independence of Sudan, south and others marginalized areas have not ceased   their calling for justice and equality among Sudanese citizens; yet, successive regimes in Khartoum adopt the policy of turning a deaf ear on this important call. Except when south Sudan’s public uprising takes form of army struggle, Khartoum regimes never tends to understand any peaceful language. Addis Ababa Agreement was a fruit of Anya-nya one revolution which had provided little breath of freedom for the south; unfortunately, it was dishonored soon before the sun set.  Although that agreement did not achieve southerners' great expectations; however, it gave south a 10 year period of stability in which most of the SPLA junior officers were educated.


The death of Addis Ababa Agreement did not come from nowhere; it was caused by the north in absence of south’s power to protect the peace. Jafer Numaeri was the man who appointed himself as a God to give right and freedom and take them back as he likes. The presence regime of Omer El Bashir is not different from that of Numeri; it is a branch from the same tree. Therefore, late not ruled out that what had happened to Addis Ababa Agreement will not be repeated again with Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA); except in one and only one circumstances: the presence of strong and well equipped SPLA is the only guarantee for the CPA survival.


There is a positive correlation between implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the SPLA being strong, for we are in a country where truth does not prevail unless it is accompanied by power. Some years back, President El Bahsir stated clearly and frankly in his response to Northern opposition’s claims that “We do not negotiate with any party that does not carry gun”. This statement by El Bashir has sparked Western and Eastern Sudan rebellion against the NCP’s regime. Thus, for the SPLM to resist and radiate to the stage of influential party in Sudan is to keep SPLA strong!


The fact that the SPLA is the only force that should be responsible for south’s security is not yet to be acknowledged by the National Conference Party (NCP). What had happened in Malakal in past few weeks was a clear indication of NCP’s hidden agenda of undermining the peace agreement. Who would accept an action that led to the Malakal’s rampage was a plan by Militias without NCP’s hand?  Indeed, militia’s participation in Malakal crisis is very much condemned; nonetheless, our Government in south should not funnel its focus only on how to extinguish militias away from south rather than doing what it takes to stop NCP from supporting outlawed militias. Those of Gabriel and Thomas militias groups are just a NCP’s tools through which its hidden agenda is pursued; thus, blaming the militias is like blaming a messenger for delivering the devil message.


The NCP regimes is seems to be deluded with wishful thinking that south of today is as the same as previous one. What is still not clear to the enemy and should be cleared after Malakal‘s battle is that the presence of the SPLA in south has created a medium that will not favor NCP’s dirty business. NCP should take what happened to its troops in Malakal as an unequivocal message of rejection by SPLA in south part of Sudan.


Indeed, it is true that wining the war is not bases on one battle; however, with that SPLA stance in Malakal, it could be predicated to some extend that the SPLA is qualified to safe-guard the peace and stability in south and others New Sudan areas. Since trust is missing between north and south, then, it is not an exaggeration to anticipate any unusual activity by NCP’s forces in upper Nile region as an attempt to undermine the peace and control the oil fields. The SPLA forces in everywhere in south should remain vigilant in order to make NCP forces recede form its dream of reoccupying south again. The CPA was not given to us by any creature; therefore, no one is capable of taking it away from us, and if it happened, south- Sudan will not fall back into northerners’ hands.


Very much, the SPLA is credit for counterbalanced the military situation in the areas of the New Sudan; nevertheless, we look forward to seeing the New Sudan as a secure and better place to live; a place which is free of outlawed militias, tribalism and inter-clan conflicts.

Long live the SPLA, a power which always stands strong and proud in the face of enemy to say NO for dehumanization and humiliation of native people of Sudan.





The writer of this Article lives in Ottawa, Canada

He could be reached at: [email protected]


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