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We, the Nuer in diaspora are detesting any allegation labeling   Dr. Machar as corrupt. They are all baseless, defaming and have no roots or even a single substrate of truth. We know that corruption is a widespread global phenomenon but it is deeply rooting in some institutions while germinating in most ministries in South Sudan with the exception of Dr. Riek Machar only. If any one thinks negatively against Dr. Riek Machar about corruption, let he/she/they examine their thoughts and come up with an evident or a direct proof linking the charges to the case. We are very upset indeed regarding all the negative allegations which were created in the air in order to defame the name of this leader by name Dr. Riek Machar. We know that SPLM/A is not as strong as it used to be because no body is doing the fulfillment of the work of our hero and founder, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. It has come to our attention that there are forces behind these accusations which are politically motivated, shaped and we also know that they are preceded by interests of some others within the structures of the government of South Sudan. We know that her excellency, the wife of our hero is not the original creator of this allegation but she just to cite what has been already in the making and therefore our respect for her, her children and the South is still permanent in its place.







We are all aware of the current politics of civil unrest in Sudan and all its components of destruction. This include all who motivate tribal view of the world from a pinpoint in   confined tribal villages or territories within the South, Blue Nile, Darfur or Sudan as a whole. If you read Dr. David de Chand's article, you will agree as to what is being negatively projected about Dr. Riek Machar and all its underlying politics of tribal egocetrism, tribal idiocentrism, tribal vanity, tribal-induced hate and their related consequences. Nowadays no one could be trusted within the SPLM/A or the GoSS because of the fragility of the nature of leadership and its relaxing lifestyle despite obstacles facing the country and the civilians. Those who are advising the current leadership of the South are the most corrupt, defenders of corruption, they are intentionally tending not to build roads and hotels so that their places of leisure and recreation become the Nairobi, Kampala or Khartoum. There is no doubt that our leaders are divided within the SPLM/A and the GoSS because of all the different destructive advises they receive from those who are indoctrinated within the SPLA/M outside of Sudan or inside it. Tribal indoctrination plays a part in this game of vanity, Nuer marginalization, occupation of mainland Equatoria (which will be largely blamed on Wan Igga for being too contemplative to Salva in exchange for the cost of intentional marginalization of his people). Wan Igga should have been the one to state first that Juba is a seat of the government and all the ministries in South Sudan and that only those employed by the government are to be officially given settlement. Wani should have been the first to reject all atrocities against the people of great equatorial as victims of all sorts of crimes.






Whether we agree or not Nuerlanders are the most exploited within the SPLA/M because they are seen as a rising nation, strong, powerful, resourceful in their land and are a people of integrity. Nuerlanders are also the most egalitarian and their cultural sense of equality, democracy, harmony and peaceful coherent has attracted not only Africans but the whole world. Nuerophobia (taken from the article of Dr. David de Chand) is a disease that negatively arises from the fear of Nuerlanders by Dinka out of the need to control Nuerlanders and to illiminate   them in many ways like keeping them from fully participating in the army, ministerial posts of the government, police, hospitals, colleges and universities and by treating them like object of hate and torturing. Nuerlanders are all aware of these situations but their patience, perseverance and persistent are so great. Nuerlanders were leveled as deviators, violators and corrupt (as is happening to Dr. Riek Machar). Nuerlanders are the backbone of the South and they cannot be treated as followers of the Dinka because Nuer are extended beyond the territory of the Sudan itself.






These are the total number of those who hold ministerial post in the South and Dinka Mathematical Probability (DMP) plays a part in these;





1- Lual Ding Wol

2- Salva Kiir Mayardit

3- Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior

4- Abdel Bagi Ayei Akol

5- Paul Mayom Akech

6- Barnabas Marial Benjamin

7- Michael Makuei Lueth

8- Kuol Athian Mawien

9- Monytuiel Wiejang Akol

10- David Deng Athorbei

11- Samson Kwaje

12- Awut Deng Acuil

13- Albino Akol Akol

or just to mention a few












equation: D = DINKA, N = NUER, S = SHILLUK, A = ANUAK


if D is equal N, N is S, where as A is equal all


NOW, how come D is = 17, N is = 6, S is = 3, and A is = 2? (why?)


This kind of mathematics tells all the formulas for which Dr. Riek Machar is being negatively accused of as was done to Dr. Lam and all the people of good will in the South.






There are speculations and leakages that Salva is playing a part in this game because of the forth coming general election of the Sudan. He is therefore playing a game of who he would want out of the government of the South before his relocation to Khartoum as a president of the Sudan by early next year (Insha Allah). Rebecca and Wan Igga are the two acolytes or prospective candidates for the post of the president of South Sudan. These are the latest reports plus many others which were created intentionally to defame and level Dr. Riek Machar as corrupt, uncommitted,   and all other groundless allegation charges. Dr. Riek Machar is totally not corrupt in any way   and we know all as of this aspect.







  Nuerlanders are pro-Sudanese from day one to now because of their great contribution to unity, peace, democracy, human rights and stability of the Sudan. Nuerlanders know that Sudan is one and diverse and is also the cradle of civilization along the Nile as entailed in most of the near ancient books. Nuerlanders have equal rights, liberties as all Sudanese have but Nuerlanders are not treated well within the SPLA/M/GoSS. There is no Sudan without Nuer as it is true with other tribes. Nuerlanders are very rich spiritually, in equality with all, in all civilized norm that are rooted in their cultural harmony, directives and all other taboos. It would be totally wrong to think of victimizing Nuer because they are a great nation within the vast land of Sudan. Nuer culture is being considered universal because of its egalitarian preference of all aspect of humanity. Nuer have fought in the past as Anyanyas, they have supported our hero, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, they are now supporting Salva, Bashir, and the Nuer will continue to do so in the support of the unity of the Sudan. It is also the appeal of Nuer that current president be not indicted as it may worsen the situation in Darfur, South, Blue Nile, Nuba Mts and in further north. Nuer also have their factions which are in union with the government of Sudan and the South for the purpose of   the vision of the formation of one Sudan.







Nuer are very much supporting the autonomy of the South but under one leadership as it is now in Sudan. It is a vision of Nuer that good economic changes and enhancement of all other resources in a better way will happen very soon. Nuer are also working hard day and night to bring development and literacy campaigns to Sudan by establishing good relationships with great countries like Canada, USA, GB, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, GERMANY AND THE WHOLE WORLD. Note that Nuer are outnumbering most of the South Sudanese in universities and high schools abroad and this will contribute to the development of Nuerland and its future infrastructures.






Most resources come from Nuerland while Nuer are being deprived of them. Nuer communities abroad do not benefit from the education funds that were set up to educate those in diaspora for the purpose of contribution to Sudanese development back in the Sudan. Nuer have agencies through which development funds could be channeled for outreaching the diaspora community. For example, Professor David de Chand or Dr. John Gai Yoh, Bichok Wan could take charge of these programs if funds are (is) channelled through them.





Dr. Machar is not corrupt as is being negatively projected. He is an honest person, civilized, intellectual, balanced, deligent, patient, dependable, understandable, tolerant, uncorrupted, spirit-filled, he has no sense of rigidity, heroic in character, charismatic....just to mention a few etc.


Dr. Riek Machar is the only one who is now working to illiminate much of corruption in the South.








If Dinka want to remove Nuer from the current cabinet of Juba, let them do so but Nuer will still be Sudanese and will not be deprived of their right to leadership by Khartoum. If that be the case, Khartoum will be pressured that each region be paid according to how much their land produces in terms of GNP, i.e, much of the oil is from Nuerland and it is only for the Nuer and the central government of the Sudan.





Nuerlanders know that Sudan is being viewed from the global mirror as one of the countries with worst human rights records, genocides among southerners, northerners, Darfurians, Nubians and that Sudan is being leveled as a bad country. All these said developments have contributed to the rise of Sudanophobia from the perspective of global view. It is only the Nuerlanders who are now working to diagnose Sudanophobic Disorder therapeutically. Nuer have understood that other Sudanese are even more Sudanophobic except the Nuer themselves. Nuer are working in the dawn of this century to treat the disease of Sudanophobia because Nuer know that countries all over the world are coming together and Nuer want to participate fully in the new rising economy of the globe. Nuer are just more than excellent.




By Urban T Kir in Juba, South Sudan


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