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Relieving Pgan a giant step by Zakieldeen Abd Allah
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Sep 16, 2008 - 9:05:57 AM

Relieving Pgan a giant step

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir issued a republican decree relieving Pagan Amum of his position as Cabinet Affairs Minister, replacing him by Kosta Manibe.

Pagan represents one of the SPLM controversial figures who despite his constitutional position once described Sudan as a failed and corrupt state. Those statements were criticized by the big partner in the GoNU (NCP) and other political leaders in the country as according to them he shouldn't have said so.

According the SPLM, Pagan leaving the ministerial position is a must to coincide with the new constitution adopted by the movement which stated that the SPLM Secretary-General should dedicate all his time for the movement.
The Presidential decree was met by wide relief from several political parties and they expressed welcome to the step as Pagan can be described as the dissentient partner who devoted himself to spoil all what narrows the gap between the two partners by creating unreasonable disputes.
By relieving this controversial figure we think that the relations between the two partners will go smoother and they will work in harmony, especially in the upcoming period were all efforts should be exerted to reach peaceful resolution to the Darfur crisis with the support of the international community.



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