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A brighter future for the Nuba Mountains by Nuba_Mountains Democratic Forum by Samie A Djudo
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Feb 15, 2007 - 9:05:56 PM

 This letter respance to Article ( A brighter future for the Nuba Mountains by Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum)  can  you post it  in your site and email a copy to the writer of the article since i had no luck with his email [email protected]
Thank you
Dear/ Mack Awer Riak
How are you?  i read your article ( A brighter future for the Nuba Mountains by Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum) as part of my Hungary hunt for news and good articles about Sudan. i am a Sudanese fellow like  you and i spend most of my existing life 30 yrs in Sudan/ Khartoum, right now i am living in exile for the past 10 yrs. Sudan  is great country with a lot of potentials and power. as all great countries fromed by  untied populations, vast land and diverse communities we happened to have it all in apposite way. i was puzzled by the war for a long time and what it meant to me like many many other northern Sudanese ( Not all northern Sudanese are Arab including myself ). This war did absolute no good to all of us, the south destroyed by the war and the north went into deep self destruction. what you see happening today in Darfur/ Eastern Sudan and maybe the Far North is a great examples.  Our understanding of government and leadership should come from our very near history. after i went into exile i learned a lot about what a tiny nation can do if it had the right leadership and government. we all great-full by what the CPA had offered us, it gave the South all the rights that long overdue and the upper hand to correct what was wrong.  you asked all the right questions and no one can give a full and satisfied answers to theses question. what i can say to you is that we lived in separation for the past 50 some yrs separt by the wall of war, wall of cultural supper arty, wall of bad govern, the North can give all the apology and the South can ask for more but no one can bring one life back or erase the History.  i think this is the time to call for unity.  unity that comes from the South with upper hand and the north work hard to live up to it. Separation may only give the chance to more straggle and destruction of Sudan, as we fight the enemy within our own self. 
Don't give up my brother every thing has time and one-day  i premise you we will get the answers and left all the concerns. 
write me back and we cam have dissections
thank you
Samie A Djudo        


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