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Providence is always on the side of the strongest battalions by Hassan Ali
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Jul 16, 2008 - 9:31:23 AM

Providence is always on the side of the strongest battalions


AU Peace and Security Council has rejected attempts by the prosecutor general of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Ocampo to issue arrest warrants against any African President. It expressed its strong conviction that the search for justice should be pursued in a way that does not impede or jeopardize efforts aimed at promoting lasting peace.


The AU statements were very reasonable, mature and in conformity with awareness of the Council of the conditions in the African continent.


Having issued that reasonable statement, the AU should also send a strong message to all the Arab, African and third world leaders that the same indictment and movement might be tailored on them for political motivations.

What is requested is that all States, groups, regional and international entities, civil society organizations should be aware that Sudan is targeted because some circles are there to impose foreign agendas on it. It should also be known that Sudan is sticking to its stance that ICC and other organizations similar to it have nothing to do with international peace and security.

Ocampo himself is bankrupt both ethically and professionally and is not qualified to chair an ordinary court session let alone the ICC. He once revealed a plot to hijack the plane of the Sudanese State Minister Ahmed Haroun he has indicted qualifying him to be a dangerous pirate because the ICC should be an organization of justice and not for hijacking of planes.

Finally, Sudan with all confidence rejects all what comes from ICC prosecutor general Ocampo. Yesterday employees in Sudanese ministries and public corporations and members of civil society organizations marched out of their offices in Khartoum to denounce Ocampo’s moves and declare their support of President Al Bashir. Let it be known that the Sudan is supported by its people and will never bow to any threats because it fears nothing.


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