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No more “Malesh” we welcome the ICC move by Hatim El Madani*
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Jul 14, 2008 - 9:57:03 AM

No more “Malesh” we welcome the ICC move

Sudanese are famous by the saying “Malesh” meaning “never mind or it doesn't matter”.

 Not any more ..Justice has to be served and it has to be seen done, this what matter nothing less. And this has to be the first step if we to pave the long way towards a just and peaceful stable life in feature Sudan .

The regime and its Sadam's   Al-Sahaf kinds propagandist reaction was as predictable as the case during the earlier infamous Numairi regime on its dying days. Al-Bashir too contrived to cherish his illusions but not all his followers proved so gullible, some indulging themselves in thinking they will get away with it again by trying the old tricks twist and turns that marked their policies.

It make me worried   to think this Mafia are Sudanese or worse they are Muslims.1could only imagine that they had just become used to living inside their own skins, somehow ignoring the crimes they heard, accused of or even, that they ordered, or that committed by loyalists, fanatics, or other killers in their name. do these men sleep at night?

Like many Sudanese I felt more degraded and dishonoured by how the name of our Sudan is been tarnished by this Mafia and what   they have brought upon us; to mention few the Sudan now equate the words; terrorist,fanatics,racist,genocide,starvation,feminine,wars..and the list goes on unless we see the end of this Mafia.

The majority of us for almost four decades are so disgusted at the unaccountability of these armies dictators and their crooks ,and disgusted even more about the militias warlords,bandits and the ugly racists, and the financial criminals   all side bred, for the curses they have brought upon their own country.

Since the people of Sudan honorable uprise in March-April 1984-85 there was only one pray of hope that whispered daily from sunrise to sunset for all those years on the poor lips,the starving, the sick and the homeless and in the many refugees camps and on the last breath from the one they hacked to death and raped too. “Rabana yantagim lina min Al-sadanah Tujar Al-Aish wa El-Deen ” loosely I will translated “We pray to god to revenge us, from the Durah traders and the regime fanatics crooks and the religion manipulators”.This why they have to be brought to justice. And I'm sure those victims wishes for only justice will always   be the every honest Sudanese bounden duty,at least in not to let   April-March 85 uprising promises by the whole nation evaporated or weaken again.

For one million reason, I believe, Luis Moreno-Ocampo should added more of them to the growing list of Sudanese war criminals.

Despite all the confusion made or will be instigated by the noisy “Teddy bear” prepaid fanatical hordes protesters they are good in rounding on every trivial occasion, when pressured by our people or the international community,its not the nationalism case any more.

We have tried in vain to address wisely to them the root of the crisis in Sudan is simple:” It is them” and its fair to conclude that, but they did not care twopence for the injured sensibilities of anyone even when then we addressing them in a language that they understand:and that Sudan seen no peace since these Saudi educated Jehadist bunch show their imported fanatics ideas in our country where most Muslims adhere to the Sufi orders that were there for centuries and always as every true Muslims they rejects injustice or "compulsion in religion" or imposing Islam in strict practice or upon non-believers. And for centuries our people within them advocate of tolerance between them and of Christians and Jews, whom Islam consider to be People of the Book who simply follow different prophets. But in practice during this regime,these precepts? have proved to be little protection for non-Muslims. and later different nationalism hate versions of Islam used against even Muslims in Darfur and other parts of Sudan .

Human right and religions oppressions and who violates them are not the only issues to added here to their crimes undisputed portfolio, there are more serious crimes that of concerns to us in time urgency than what is addressed by the ICC,there is a Mafia of not less than ten thousand followers of the regime whom milked the Sudanese people resources and siphoned their crime proceeds to be stashed abroad using every laundering tricks,this why we sincerely call upon the international banking systems and the banking systems especially in Saudi Arabia,Kenya,Malaysia,Japan,China,South Africa,Egypt,The Gulf States “especially Qatar” ,Pakistan,Turkey, and the rest of the world to stand up against this Mafia financial crimes and for them not be the safe heaven for these criminals or at least to show their moral duty to the starving Sudanese victims. As for the case to the US, Britain and the European is to understand some of those criminal who are in the regime or deal with the regime hold dual nationalities of their countries and this has to be probed too.

As to the war in Darfur I don't think anyone is interested in ending it. Neither warring factions nor the world

the opportunistic rebel leaders drenched during this messy war in blood of their own letting, often the blood of their own people. who proliferated into dozen of warlords terrorizing Darfur today, almost certainly to me they are war criminal to a man, the world should make no mistake they are not the hope for the future?.

The international community now has to provide immediate protection not only for the people of Darfur but for its own troops on the ground there and the Aid workers.

The peoples of the Sudan began to smoulder. All that needed now a spark to ignite them into flames,and even if peace prevailed the overwhelming majority of Sudan want to see the Cairo 1990 gentlemen agreements between all the Sudanese legitimate political groups are implemented and that is no party or group to stand election on religion or tribal or race manifesto ever in feature Sudan .


Hatim El Madani*


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