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NUBA ASSOCIATION IN FRANCE:Condolence on death of Bishop Philip Abbass by Dr Ahmed Osman Tyia Kaffi
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Feb 14, 2008 - 8:15:49 AM



Condolence on death   of   Bishop Philip Abbass

Ghabboush Adam.


That Sudanese leader and a politician who had struggled by strong conviction and true national patriotism. A hero who   had   done   everything   he could   to safe   the   country.  



We are presenting our condolence to intimate family members of the deceased, and to all Nuba people in homeland and abroad. Also to different Sudanese popular masses suffering. And to those   Sudanese citizens agonized and depressed, who’s case had been actively championed   and courageously defended by Father Philip Abbass all along his life. Major questions of exclusion from development and marginalization of Sudan   indigenous ethnic groups and their cultural heritage undermined.


That   was   important   political sphere   of   action   highlighted   systematically by Bishop Ghabboush. He had   clear   stand against uneven development and all forms of injustice, intentionally established in Sudanese society by successive   regimes of power in the country and he was explaining that nationally and   internationally. He was sincere and loyal   talking on behalf of people, in that patriotic combat   chosen by him   voluntarily as domain of commitment in national political struggle. He engaged himself in that line and had been dealing with it in total sacrifice, consistency, devotion, abnegation and absolute altruism throughout his life span. Looking to achieve first; the highest national common interests of the overwhelming majority of Sudanese citizens, confronted by governments of depredation   and anarchy in the country.


We express our grief deeply, after such big loss of a Sudanese national veteran who had formed   originality and authenticity in   Nuba   political and spiritual leadership. We ask   God(Allah)

almighty to lead Bishop Philip into Paradise and reward him all blessings and give him   comfortable place of final emancipation

beyond human imagination. We would also solicit Allah to bestow peaceful healing spirits and patience on his direct family members. And to relieve all those who were hit by this grievous moan on final departure of Father Philip Abbass Ghabboush Adam    from this life.


Today, there is great heritage left behind handled to us by Father   Ghabboush, after news of his death. And we would like to assure   the marginalized   Sudanese   population, as a whole    that, good patriotic Sudanese men and women   emanating from Bishop Philip Abbass Ghabboush Adam’s School of Political   ideology expressing his own philosophy, are really present. And   had inherited his legacy long time ago, on how to give the Sudan genuine freedom. His national vision on how to establish justice, democracy, equality and prosperity between all citizens of contemporary Sudan . These fundamental concepts today, are deep-rooted in minds of Sudanese men and women and particularly within the Nuba elites present inside and outside the country. All of them are highly aware, whether civilian or military ranks and files among whom many had sacrifyed   and upgraded national struggle forward, when they joined the sudan people’s liberation movement(SPLM) and the sudan people’s liberaton army(SPLA) fighting in war from 1983-2005 for the noble cause.    


Revolutionary, combative, objective & valuable education given by Father Philip to Sudanese people, in various manifestations, was so efficient and comprehensive. Therein the original political and spiritual philosophy of that man; in which he emphasized particularly   on national foremost contentious issues during his life; a meaningful framework of his enlighten ideas taught to   the society. These nature of inestimable lessons were implemented countrywide and are being put into action all over the Sudan.His independent political School had been understood and memorized by generation of present   era; characterized by strong vitality are competing now to come to power.The avant-garde Sudanese revolutionary fighters present on the ground today, leading the struggle with objective mentality of good thinking to rescue the country. It is a new national movement totally different in nature and orientation compared to the past. It is a spontaneous national movement due to awareness established increasingly in the society; propagated   and transmitted countrywide. Such transformation of attitude is due to understanding   of people to reason of political conflict and the heart of problem in the Sudan and   precisely why the country continues   living wars??


Now   Bishop Philip has passed   away. We have come to crossroads and to a point of advanced responsibility than ever. To assume   and carefully take care of political legacy   handled to all of us, who are extremely aware of gravity of the situation today   in the country. Bishop Philip Abbass talked vehemently about importance of Nuba cohesion, solidarity, unity and sound organization to acquire pronounced strength whether political, social, economical and cultural etc. It is part of heritage   relayed to us. He   struggled   for it dearly, and that conviction should be respected by all of us after him. The Nuba in their different organizations should pay high attention to principle of unity and should carefully think beyond individual, personal confined interests or partisan ones.

Let us remember and ask ourselves why Father Philip spent entire of his political life working so hard to maintain unity of the Nuba??? He was a man of truth and was not looking for personal fame, wealth, or any kind of personal egoistic prestige. But he had sacrifyed his own life and the well being of his family, for the sake of the Nuba, and people under deprivation in the country. The great leader we have come to lose; worked with these honorable principles, which had given extraordinary strength to the General Union of Nuba Mountains (GUNM) during 1960s, leading to Sudan National Party(SNP), followed by Sudan National RedemptionParty(SNRP)and Sudan National Party United (SNPU). He worked day and night to make the Nuba united. And had been always anxious and very careful to have the Nuba people well organized behind him. He had been addressing the Nuba opinion systematically to maintain that unity needed for powerful actions.


Bishop Philip Abbass Ghabboush Adam, had given tremendous courage to people.   He taught us right from the beginning, to be first of all, confident and reliant on ourselves and ideas. Proud of our indigenous Sudanese black African culture. And had advised people all over the country to revive that indigenous Sudanese cultural identity; and should work relentless to develop and express Sudan African customs,   traditions, and that culture, should unequivocally, have its place in modern Sudan and   should   be promoted internationally.          


Exceptional political education of Father Philip Abbass had had strong impact on students mostly belonging to marginalized areas in the Sudan . Their spirits changed and had become psychologically strong and well prepared and had challenged dictatorship in Khartoum fiercely. Father Philip during his long combat taught and had given us good example   on how to endure strong principle of sacrifice. Whereby   any person of conviction struggling for a common noble cause; such   a person   must forget about many personal desires and shall have to abandon privileges, to achieve common interests for all people. Leadership is commitment, planning, action and dedication.


The elements we have enumerated above are magnificent and concrete. They constitute foundations which many of us in the Sudan , intellectuals and others, have learnt from father Ghabboush’s fundamental principles of his indigenous political philosophy and legacy transmitted to us throughout. Based on all this, it is left for us obviously now, to continue with these coherent values and put them into action, building on them then give them to those who will come after.


The   final opinion we would like to say at the end of this consolation word is that Bishop Philip Abbas Ghabboush Adam, was a distinguished, outstanding, corner stone Sudanese Nubian Politician and spiritual leader. He was strongly patriotic; and was patient to hear point of view from people. His opinion was listened to, and was highly respected by the overwhelming majority of Sudanese population, especially those from marginalized areas; for his powerful political ideas, and for his courage to challenge dictatorship. He is a national Sudanese hero indeed. He has gone physically however, he will be remembered for his inestimable instructive political approach; his ideology and philosophy, and his most   remarkable spirit of sacrifice; fighting for the sake of bulk majority of Sudanese population under oppression. These   ideas shall be consolidated and never be forgotten. Therein the struggle against all forms of injustice; therein establishment of authority of people in the Sudan; therein equal duty service and equal distribution of entire national wealth between all citizens; therein a secular constitution all over the country; therein unity of the Sudan; therein freedom of women; therein respect of human rights; therein freedom of opinion and media; therein a real fight against slave traders and against any form of enslavement in the country; therein a radical war against corruption; therein establishment of genuine democracy in the Sudan and therein ultimate sacrifice. Elements above are part of inclusive program founded by Political Institution of Bishop Philip Abbass Ghabboush Adam. The criteria contained in that institution are lively intact in minds of Sudanese politicians who are fighting for the national cause and will follow the steps.     



 On behalf/

 Dr Ahmed Osman Tyia Kaffi.   [email protected]





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