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Movement erosion Bneha .... Conflict adults ousts Emin Tela t by Shol Goba
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Dec 5, 2007 - 3:53:53 AM

Movement erosion Bneha .... Conflict adults ousts Emin Tela t

Wednesday 5 December 2007

MOVING Dramatekeya movement witnessed in its ranks the product of commissions of inquiry set up by some of its leaders on some accusations. In a move surprised all the First Deputy President of the Republic, Chairman of the Sudan Peoples Panel Slgakir Myardit decide on the skids of movement leaders Tellar Denek and Allieu Jang membership of the movement in general as of the first of December at a time when Elio denied newspaper (Alantbaha) yesterday any knowledge about impeachment stressing that the statute of movement does not give anyone a dismissal decision alone.
According to the Agency (SUNA), the decision to advance the maintenance comes in the framework of the unity and cohesion of the side of the SPLM and expelled from the membership of the Political Bureau and the Transitional National Council of the transitional movement from the membership of a final as of the first of December came after informed in advance of the report of the Commission of Inquiry with Tellara charge of the Secretary-General Bacan Grille Bslgakir attempting to overthrow the leadership of the movement and Elio Ajang Tsihat attributed to him, which accuses Uganda of involvement in the killing d. John Garang.
However, Ajang confirmed absolutely not subject to investigation by the Commission after refusing them and their reservations about the Chairman to Andy and the two-member describing them no legitimacy after refusing them. In particular, there was no investigation on the charges against them - and said, "If such a resolution, it is void and unacceptable especially as I am one of the founders of the movement and one of its members and its leadership in addition to that, there is no one in the movement can quarterly and Inclusive including" The ((Alpfsalni I Pfsalo )).
The decision of expulsion after being found guilty by the Commission of Inquiry on Denek indictment of the Secretary-General of the Movement Bacan Grille planning to overthrow the President of the Movement, and cast doubt on the circumstances of the death of Elio Movement leader John Garang and the late accusing Uganda of involvement in the helicopter crash that claimed his life. The presidents decision to exempt movement Denek and Allieu membership of the Political Bureau of the Movement, the National Transitional Council and the membership of the movement, and posts in the central government.
He justified the Chairman of the Sudan Peoples decision to expel leaders that aims to safeguard the unity of the movement and maintenance of their integrity and cohesion.
Reference is made to Tellar Deng was one of the close associates of President and Chairman of the Sudan Peoples Slgakir worked side as Minister of State under the chairmanship of the Republic in the central government.
However Denek been moved in a cabinet reshuffle conducted by the popular movement last month to the post of Minister of State at the Department of Justice Elio Ajang been transferred from the Minister of State for a position boarding the post of Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture.
In a related development
Exchange of delegations of the National Conference, the Movement accusations between them in a symposium on the University of Sudan ((Naivasha agreement challenges of the present and future)) yesterday asked Salvation Front explicitly declare secession now and not wait for a referendum.
Summarized the Popular Movement for the San Walid Hamid causes of the crisis between the two partners in the National Congress, the lack of commitment to enforce the peace agreement and stressed that the National Convention does not elude wants to meet its obligations to the Agreement
But the delegation of the National Conference headed by Justice Matthew May and Thursdays Hakar response from the indictment of movement and that the Convention Ada implemented largely up 88% and stressed that the enforcement of the Convention is the only way out of the current crisis and said that the agreement contained many of the gains in democratization and the security of the unity of Sudan.
He called Hakar parties to show courage in the enforcement of the Convention, and said if it came Unity and the Sudanese will come if Southerners voted in favor of secession, they will come Sudanese.
He warned everyone penetration of foreign influence in the issues of Sudan, and confirmed that this penetration is the main reason for many of the problems and issues Sudanese.
Turn chairman called Salvation Democratic Front Farouk Jatkot declare secession now and not wait until the referendum, and those responsible for carrying

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