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Kiir, a distinguished tribalist claiming to fight against the tribalism./Michael MANGIWAI
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Jun 29, 2006 - 2:52:00 AM

Kiir, a distinguished tribalist claiming to fight against the tribalism.

The tribalism as known of all is a kind of discrimination between two tribes sometimes for social, political, religious, or traditional reasons. All Sudanese living interior of the country or in Diasporas felt all joyous at first when the peace agreement was signed. Nevertheless nothing proves that peace except the daily flight of SPLA officials from south to north for more discussion. I think that they have discussed more and now they are going hors CPA. Power sharing within southern
Sudan remains day to days citizen appeal. What an opposite vision his excellence the president Kiir has created? Everybody is rooming for that malformation of southern Sudan cabinet. A lot of Sudanese have been pleading for equal power sharing in the south but in vain no reform has been noticed, will you allow me to say that he does not only do ‘deaf-mute' to so many precious reproaches which are given  him  but so sadistic that one can imagine. If today he suspends the governor of Western Equatoria State for having allegation in participating in the ethnic conflict, he who formerly consolidated him in the bush in discussion against the late Garang. All of us should take care and stick to our rights otherwise Kiir will finish us by dinkanising the south. In this letter that I address to all Sudanese I do not exonerate the colonel Zamoi but I want those in charge to do fair investigations with concrete or tangible proofs. Would it be necessary to introduce in justice Zamoi for fuzzy causes followed by a partial investigation? And who will judge him? If the Colonel did only pacify the situation where is the valid reason of taking him into custody? It seems like a way to slow-down the developments in the WES? Mentioning his long silence in LRA attacks in the regions is not exaggerating the event or divulging his equivoque but showing lucidly his incompetence in dealing with southern Sudanese security. In my view he had been corrupt because no one ignores that the LRA are supported by the government against the southerner and it is here that he had find a very good opportunity  to deal with the western equatorians via this illegal cooperation with Bashir. It should not be courteous from the government of the south Sudan to begin its injustice with the innocent Zandés for all Africans recognize the zandes as the more respectful people; peaceful; social and nonviolent tribe in Sudan. They do not like provocation for they do not provoke and the one who would say that the zandes are segregationists he would deserve in my opinion the penal bondage for during the reign of Joseph Tambura nobody was victimized of an unfair penalty or claimed inequality in the division of the power. While Kiir wants to bury the Western equatorians alive. I grant to all those who have the love of the country to see evidently and to give a satisfactory response and advice before things becomes worse. At last our president must unite the South of the Country before thinking of convincing us with futilities which he would never realize. Kiir get up before it‘s late and evade tribalism develop the country for us.

The author of this letter is a Sudanese (student at UNKIN) he who wants to contact him can use this address
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