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It would be Unwise to think that a United Sudan Properly Functions within the Main Frameworks of the Phenomenon of Eastern African Development./Urban T. Kir
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May 29, 2007 - 12:15:50 AM

It would be Unwise to think that a United Sudan Properly Functions within the Main Frameworks of the Phenomenon of Eastern African Development.

(Urban T. Kir)


The concept of a United Sudan is just a recent creation by some of the SPLM/A officials following the death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior during Ugandan helicopter crash. During his lifetime, Dr. John has made it clear that the main objective of the CPA was to initiate a dialogue in which South would be totally granted her autonomy and operates as a sovereign territory under the international charter of the existing global territorial nations. During the CPA inception in Machakos, Kenya, Dr. John voiced the first objective of the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) as a gateway to securing peace and autonomy for South Sudan. Dr. John was among the first pioneers who formed the Anyanya movement in 1960s mainly for the purpose of liberating South from the oppressive regime of the times. He started the SPLM/A in 1983 as to achieve the same objective after the 1972 agreement was violated by the then regime of the times. Therefore Dr. John cannot instantly change his mind from the objective he formed himself if it were not the recent creation of the ranking figures of the SPLM/A. this in itself has no root and does not underlie the main cause of the struggles of the Southerners. Dr. John had been crystal clear and precise enough regarding this topic. Brothers and sisters, let us not be fooled and driven aside from the main objective of the movement by our leaders who are just fulfilling their self-interest and ambitious desire for oil wealth as the NIF tries to combat their objectives by bribing them and buying them houses and premises in the Middle East or else where. It is proving clear that South would not attain her autonomy by 2011 because of the divisions that are being caused by the NIF within among the SPLM/A ranking figures of today. The fact that Dr. John is absent has led to the abandonment of the main objective of the movement…what a shame after struggling for years to end the bloodshed of the innocent people of the South. Dr. John has stated once that “unity is essential towards the formation of New Sudan,” which essentially means that as Southerners strive for their independence, it is good that they are united with the North under the terms of the implementation of the CPA until the designated interim period given for complete cessation has come to an end. On the other hand, Dr. John’s intention of the unity does not mean remaining united as one Sudan. It means remaining territorially separate while united in relationship as neighbouring country and as this applies to the rest of Africa under AU. We cannot live in a united one Sudan under the anarchy of the current NIF even if one of us Southerners is ambitious to lead all.   Our standpoint of view at the moment would be to offer our support for our leader and brother Salva Kiir , VP Dr. Machar and the rest of the top officials of the GoSS for their strong view on separation rather than clinging to unity which will later result in the continuous impoverishing of the innocent people of the South. It is clear that current leaders of the GoSS are in the right channel of the footsteps of Dr. John, the founding father of the SPLM/A for their stand on separation. It is us who are confusing them because of the NIF deployed influence of wealth and bribery promises for us. Therefore it would be unwise to think that a United Sudan functions properly within the main frameworks of the phenomenon of Eastern African development. Dr. John Garang de Mabior’s intention has been totally misinterpreted by our current brother in leadership and this will lead to total breakdown on the socio-economic aspect of it on the South. Brothers and sisters let our current mobilization be to prepare for a war after this peace deal, which is currently being confiscated bi NIF in any way possible because of the prevailing corruption of the SPLM/A officials. How can a young emerging nation like ours be engaged in corruption rather than focusing on infrastructure while most of its inhabitants are 50% literate? Is it not good that resources are allocated to their right channels like i.e. investing in education and careers for both the Diaspora and local community?





Long live SPLMA, the GoSS, and the general civil populace of the South!

Urban T. Kir, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia or [email protected]



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