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It's Historical! by Mack Awer
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May 13, 2008 - 2:39:22 AM

The JEM's  taking of war to  Khartoum is something as indigenous Black African Sudanese should praise and be proud of. For decades northerners have carriedout massive killings in South Sudan, Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and genocide now in Darfur region. They must to understand now that they will remain enjoying luxuries of our natural resources while ordering murderous army to cleanse and wipe off our people in Darfur and all marginalised people. They have to experience now how painful it is to fight amongst children and women as they have done and are doing currently in Darfur and Abyei.
These elite must come to their senses that Sudan will not accommodate us if they couldn't acknowledge the flights and demands of indigenous people. I call upon all Darfur revoluntionary movements to back up JEM and bring war deep into the north. We won't allow them to go away with crimes they have committed against us.
It is an apathy for the Arab League secretary Amr Musa to call what happened in Khartoum as terrorists act, while they have failed to even condemn what is happening in Lebanon. This stance shows that Arabs don't care about the cause and demands of Africans in Sudan.
This move by our camrade in arm, Dr. Khalil Ibrahim will be recorded in our history and I hope for this scenario to go on unless they stop their inhumane genocide in Darfur.
All Darfurians must to unite, both inside and in the field to have common strategy to stop and avenge the genocide in Darfur.
Mack Awer

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