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If Obama is not assassinated! by Suleiman Abualbasher, University of Kordofan, the Sudan
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Nov 11, 2008 - 10:27:03 AM

If Obama is not assassinated!

 Winning of Barrack Obama in the American elections has various significances and meanings.   I think that the first significance is the practical, radical, and absolute not abolishment of slavery and slave trade but of racial discrimination, segregation, and the complex of race and colour superiority in the whole world. Thus, I can say that there is a tremendous and supreme change in the Americans mentality and vision that Blacks are second-class citizens, uncreative and do not own the characteristic of leadership and governance.   In this concern, I think that all Americans have to stand up, march on foot from wherever they are to where Lincoln is, and salute him for his farsighted wisdom when he declared the abolishment of slavery in the United States after glorious and merciful war between the north and south.

 Had Lincoln become unwise, drove, and sent all the Blacks to Africa, America would not have been todays super powerful and the first country in the world. Lincoln is the essence of the development of the Americans positive thought towards human rights through their accurate, honest, and gentle practice of the values and principles of democracy and defending people regardless of their fathers and grandfathers mistakes of Blacks are inferior. Therefore, it is excessively sensitive to Obama to understand that the Whites have taken for granted, real, true, honest, and faithful confession that Blacks are as intelligent and genius as Whites are. This change, as Obama repeated several times through his campaign, must be highly considered as an examination to the Blacks' credibility on the contrary.  What I mean to say is that Obama should not think or" look back in anger" of the dark past of slavery, slave trade and racism, which his predecessors had experienced.  Obama must not think of revenge; whether in mind, heart or in the White House because mere thinking or practising such instinct will revive the terrible and horrible conserved machines of the crucial moments.

    Furthermore, Obama has to know that his arrival and sitting in the white house is to the whole world and people because all the master and great positive or negative decisions come out from he is going. Therefore, the world is waiting and the Blacks are the most anxious and upset for they are now on the top of the pyramid of commemoration and hope. Therefore, I think that Obama victory is to all Americans because they shown and given an incredible lesson and example of belief, creed to the religious nations that all people are equal by now and forever.   Obama victory represents and reflects genuine Islamic values practised by people who are not Muslims or have an Islamic constitution. I think, it is high time that the third world governments consider and benefit from this American lesson as there is a recorded history and vigilant Creator. The "west wind" has blown!

    Finally, I Think that it is wise for all people in the world to change and be self confident that they 'can change' their beliefs and notions of race superiority and purification. Change visions that Blacks are created to serve and uncreative.   If these beliefs are not changed, I expect the leadership in the third world will go into the same direction if Obama        is not assassinated. I hope that any one who is able to write and read to      the fiction "The Green Devil" and Langston Hughes "I, Too, Sing America" (Then beside, They see how beautiful I am. And be ashamed!)


 Suleiman Abualbasher, University of Kordofan, the Sudan          


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