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ICC Prosecutor Dealt another Blow by John Gordon

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ICC Prosecutor Dealt another Blow


As reported, UN Security Council current President has issued a statement calling on Sudanese parties to cooperate with ICC. The Council confirmed its deliberations on Sudanese nationals wanted by ICC to that call instead of reaching decisions as was sought by some countries.

The Council statement has even tied Sudan 's cooperation with the failure to try those accused of committing war crimes in Darfur to the failure of the Sudanese judiciary to do that.

That in itself is another blow to the ICC Prosecutor who has continued demanding the hand-over of some Sudanese nationals to ICC.
The Council statement has clearly shown that ICC role is complementary to that of the National Judicial System. In other words, in the event of this system to try the suspects, the case can be referred to ICC.
It is our standing that
Sudan 's refusal to hand-over the nationals concerned on the grounds that Sudan is not a signatory to the Rome 's conventions. Today UNSC has come up with another argument by acknowledging that ICC intervention can only be justified if the National Judiciary failed to play its role.
To that effect, it could be argued that measures against those accused of committing crimes in
Darfur have already been taken. Some were even brought to trial and received the punishment they deserved.

We maintain that the ICC prosecutor would not cease his demand as the issue has been politicized as part of the campaign led by some parties against the Sudanese government.

However, every time ICC Prosecutor renews his demand, he would be met with defeat, particularly that the Sudanese diplomacy succeeded to win more Sudan 's friends on its side.

Better for the Prosecutor-General to drop his demand to spare his blushes. He himself should stand trial for his recent attempt to practice air piracy.


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