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Greatest Marginalization of All Time/Isam Siddig
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Sep 1, 2007 - 4:51:46 PM


Greatest Marginalization of All Time

Manna (Gum Arabic (GA)) & the bird quail represented a major nutritional food & medicine for prophet Moses people in the 40years of wilderness in the old Savanna/now deserts of the Sudan , but they marginalized Manna by asking God to replace it for them with Legumes (lentils , Fool Masri, onion, cucumber & garlic ) a lower food irrigated in lower Egypt . The nutritional/Health importance of Manna is clearly stated   in the three Holy books (The Manna contained nutritious matter without any waste products , Shall the Human being not discharge of what he eats our bowel will surely be swollen , Sifre 78-79 Torat) ( ..And sent down to you Manna & quails saying eat of the good things we have provided for you...) Bagara 57 ,61 , also Wagiaa 29,52,53 of the Quran where Heaven people enjoy eating Sidir &Talha gum (Manna without stool (roughage or waste) which guarantees healthy digestion & protection from constipation  . , while Hell people enjoy Zaqqum which guarantees permanent sickness & constipation (Then will ye fill Your inside therewith) Wagiaa 53 & (>>Bowel will surely be swollen) 79 Torat .This history of Marginalizing Gum Arabic (GA , Manna) is repeated in modern times when  Sudanese people moved to urban centers , they, likewise, marginalized the habit of eating GA and passed only their experience of using GA as stabilizer in Quranic ink (Al Dawaya) to Europeans , The ancestors of the Israelites used this knowledge to further marginalize GA by using it as additive only (not food) in carbonated drinks ,&  confectionary and as carrier of active ingredients in drugs . GA was finally condemned /marginalized by classifying it as food Additive coded with an E number by WHO & FAO Joint Expert committee on Food Additive (1998). SSMO of Sudan adopted same E classification in their 2004 standard specification of GA. But a pioneer Sudanese processor of GA (Dar Savanna) and an Old Italian processor (Dalco of Venice ) started the most difficult work to rebirth GA as Superior food/Health/Beauty product rather than marginalized food/drug additive (كلوا من طيبات ما رزقناكم   ...الايه) البقره 57 (أتستبدلون الذي هو أدني بالذي هو خير ..الايه) البقره 61  , but while Dalco was reaching the final stages of releasing a drug (FD Fibre) having GA as an active ingredient to treat constipation in 2004    , a major pharmaceutical Co., with strong connection with the E industry (users of GA as additive), processed Guar gum into a product named “….Fiber” and quickly pushed it into the US/European markets, that product was not successful with constipation & its quick release with strong media explains an evil strategy of short term huge profits out of first deceptive buying and long term damage to the reputation of genuine Fiber like (FDFibre) as cure for constipation. This helps conventional pharmaceutical drugs to stay in constipation business and also helps the E industry continue their monopoly of GA use .The two companies in Sudan & Italy did not give up the fight against marginalization of GA. Dalco Co of Italy finally released  FDFibre in December 2006 after successful clinical tests . At the same time , Dar Savanna released in Sudan two nutritional/Health   products under the names SWEETFIBRE(SW) and SAFAST(SA) as richest soluble DF on earth , but the marginalization campaign also continued , A Japanese group of Co released another version of the chemically modified  fiber under a new name “ …Fiber” . Responding to MBC TV one minute and half report on the Sudanese SWEETFIBRE , an Internationally famous Dairy Co advertised a DF in the same TV channel , which is now running for over six month , and most recently a US $42Billion turnover Co released another DF named “…Fiber” a chemical substitute to SWEETFIBRE extracted from cellulose . While writing this, an American Co released on 22-08-07 ! on the net a sweetener/fiber product , under the same brand name of the Sudanese Co i.e. SWEETFIBER , claiming that it has 3% Dietary Fiber using the same fiber ingredient used by the famous Dairy Co. referred to above ! The Multi billion dollar E-Industry (those using GA as additive), & the Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Industries were well equipped to manipulate the media in their GA marginalization campaign. But despite all these attempts, GA remains to be the only    Organic/Natural soluble (Fermentable) DF on Earth. One conventional scenario is to promote substitute DF products. To prove this point I ask the honorable reader to search Google for Dietary Fiber (DF) sources, GA is hardly among the lists, e.g.  Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia issued this month an internet report  on sources of DF , mentioning even xantham gum and Guar gum but referred to Gum Arabic (GA) deliberately by “ acacia gum” at the bottom of the listed DF , with psyllium


seed husk and   chemical Fibers like “ …Fiber” ,( renamed SWEETFIBER ! )  topping the list .But if you search for Gum Arabic, Wikipedia it shows the name of Bin Laden , linked to it   despite the facts that Gum Arabic Industry denied any link with Bin Laden since the times of US bombing of Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan .In fact Sudanese call GA Hashab or Talha but Europeans called it Arabic Gum because it was shipped from red sea of Arabia .Those who pushed that rammer are actually wishing to  suppress the development of new uses for GA.  The soluble fiber content of all products listed by Wikipedia or other western scientific circles is not more than 2% but the Sudanese Organic/Natural SWEETFIBRE (GA, Manna) has 87% Soluble DF with very high calcium & magnesium contents! Diets naturally high in soluble fiber can be considered to bring about five main physiological consequences:

  1. improvements in gastrointestinal health
  2. improvements in glucose tolerance and the insulin response
  3. reduction of hyperlipidemia , hypertension and other coronary heart disease risk factors
  4. reduction in the risk of developing some cancers
  5. increased satiety and hence some degree of weight management

.Recognizing this importance of Gum Arabic (GA), which add another miracle of the Holy books, together with its social & global environmental benefits, one cannot understand why Sudan & other producing countries, and user countries are marginalizing GA & the Tappers of it! Why the 40% constipated , the 10% suffering from obesity , the 3% diabetes populations of the industrialized world , the 60% poor of Africa & those suffering from Global worming   are deprived from Gum Arabic diet & trees . Shall we consider the repeated historical marginalization of Acacia Gums (Arabic)    Ignorance or Conspiracy or both! (.ويسعون في الارض فسادا.. الايه) (أفلا يتدبرون القران أم علي قلوب أقفالها ) صدق الله العظيم

  . Isam Siddig ( [email protected] 23-08-07 Khartoum, Sudan



















A)     The House of Israel called the name of MANNA and it was like coriander seed and the taste of   was like wafers made with honey) Exodus 16:31

Jewish Encyclopedia of MANNA, wrote M. Seligshn:-

The MANNA contained nutritious matter only without any waste product , shall a human being not discharge of what he eats ,our bowel will surely be swollen (Yoma I.c, sifre , Num.87-89 Tan.,J.c.)




(And it came to pass, that at even the Quails came up and covered the camp and in the morning the dew lay round about the host , And when the dew that lay was gone up ,behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round hoar on the ground ,.And when the children of Israel saw it , they said one to another , it is MANNA , for they wist not what it was, And Moses said unto them ,This is the bread which the lord hath given you to eat (Exodus 16:13-15)


C) The Quran


(And we gave you the shade of clouds , And sent down to you MANNA and quails ,saying :Eat of the good things that We have provided for you”(57 Bagara) (Among Talh trees with fruits piled on one another)29(Ye will surely taste of the tree of Zaggum)52(Then will Ye fill your inside therewith)53 Wagiaa













              Food Item               Soluble Fiber g                 %SP               %DV(10g Min.)

              Cereals & Bread

              Brown Rice 76g       1.3                                   1.7%                 13%


              Apple(small)100g     2.3                                   2.3%                 23%

              Orange(med)130g   1.3                                  1.0%                  13%


              Potato 202g            1.21                                0.6%                            6%


              Lentil 100g              0.6                                  0.6%                   6%

              Fool Masri100g       0.4                                  0.6%                   4%





















              SAFAST 7g             6.0                         85%    60%

Naturally Available Soluble Dietary Fiber



   Acacia Gums

     SWEETFIBRE 5.5g     4.8                                                 87%                       48%

     SAFAST   7g                6.0                                              85%                          60%    










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