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Fanatic Islamic Iran & Exploitive Transnational Capitalism are the Most harmful Sources of insecurity in the World
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Dec 10, 2007 - 6:24:22 PM

Fanatic Islamic Iran & Exploitive Transnational Capitalism are the Most harmful Sources of insecurity in the World  
Moderation is a very vital value for a sustainable, safe and happy life. Moderation in faith, thinking and tolerance is lacking in Fanatic Islamic Iran; and the results are sponsorships of religious extremism, terrorism and totalitarianism.  
In addition, moderation in business, consumption and pleasure is in short supply in exploitive transnational capitalism, which is leading to economic extremism, terrorism and poverty.  
Fanatic Islamic Iran and exploitive transnational capitalism are real foes; but also, they are the main supporters to each other. The world will not live in peace before eliminating this dramatic confrontation.  
Looking where either the fanatic Islamic Iran operates directly or through an agent regime and this will reveal clear violence, oppression and civil wars. Lebanon and Iraq are obvious examples. Just around Iran there are Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the rest of the "-Stan" states, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Arab Gulf States.  
While in Africa the devastating Iranian connections and funding is most damaging in, my country, the Sudan and in Somalia. It is also creating, fueling and playing seriously negative influences from Chad down to Mauritania; including Guineas, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali and more importantly in Nigeria.  
On the other hand, exploitive transnational capitalism is creating an equal, if not more, sufferings, oppression and illusions in numerous countries all over the world. Take for examples Egypt, Israel, Arab Gulf states, Nigeria, DRC, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia their blood is being sucked by oil, mining, commodities and money markets, banks, arms, construction companies and financial institutions.  
Ethnicity, Armament and Religion are the key issues for both fanatic Islamic Iran and exploitive transnational capitalism. The sane world must act and find ways to end this dramatic collision and collusion as it was the case between exploitive transnational capitalism and manipulative international communism in the post WWII era. Any sincere efforts against anti-terrorism and anti-extremism must isolate and dismantle the sources of global and local economic, political, religious and cultural subversion.  
Fanatic Islamic Iran & Exploitive Transnational Capitalism are the real enemies to peoples, states and to world peace. Humanity is the art of living together, working together and enjoying together for the good of the World.  
Mr. Tarig M.M.K. Anter,  
( A Sudanese civil engineer).  
Khartoum , Sudan , [email protected]  
Cell:  (00249) 923 350 724, or (00249) 922 725 295          27 November 2007

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