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False Accusation against Dr.Riek Machar, A true Nationalist Leader in South Sudan By: PeterT.Nguanok

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False Accusation against Dr.Riek Machar,

A true Nationalist Leader in South Sudan

By: PeterT.Nguanok

The governor of Unity State , Taban Deng, has recently accused Dr. Riek Machar of being a surrogate of the NCP Party.  What a charge to make against a nationalist leader, who many believe paved the way for the current CPA.

First of all, Dr. Riek Machar fought alongside Dr. John Garang in the SPLA movement.  He faithfully pursued the rights of the people of South Sudan against all odds, a right to self-determination, which even Garang himself did not believe could be achieved.  Dr. Riek Machar upheld his views and finally won Garang to seek the right to self-determination for the people of South Sudan .  Dr. Riek Machar broke away from SPLM when he saw tribalism and wrong vision dominated the movement, which was to fight for the liberation of people of South Sudan .  He formed his own movement, SPLA-United.  This breakaway faction signed an agreement in 1997 called the Khartoum peace agreement, which freely allowed South Sudanese to have a referendum to determine their own future; Garang finally agreed with Riek Machar and when the Arab failed to honor the Khartoum peace agreement, Riek went back to the bush.  

Secondly, Dr. Riek and Dr. Garang forged an agreement in Nairobi , which brought both of them together, and Garang finally agreed with Riek that the right to self-determination must the main goal of the movement.  When CPA was negotiated, it was the Khartoum peace agreement that Dr. Riek Machar signed with the northern government that resurrected the right to self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan .  Riek proposals paved the way for the agreement to be accepted by all nationalist leaders in South Sudan

It is unfortunate that some elements within the SPLM still accuse Riek Machar of being a surrogate of the NCP Party.  The truth must be told that Riek Machar is the reason for the current CPA that South Sudanese enjoy in Juba right now. Riek Machar was the first leader to utter the rights of South Sudanese to self-determination.  Garang had always maintained that he wanted a united Sudan .  Riek Machar was the first to return to the bush after an agreement was water down; many southern leaders never return back once they get lured in by Arabs.  Riek Machar was the first to stand up in the midst of Arab bribes and lies, and plainly told the Arabs in the north that Sudanese problem will be solved only via referendum.  He was the first to show the world that South Sudanese people deserve better than deceptive politics in Khartoum .

I must add that Taban Deng Gai, an adopted son of the Nuer, does not have full rights to accuse this national figure with NCP link.  Taban Deng Gai, perhaps, is the one with link to NCP.  After all his father is an Arab merchant, who hail from the north.  Who knows if he still has contacts with his biological link to the north!  Therefore, the citizens of South Sudan must understand that Riek Machar does not have any link with the former foe, the northern government; he continues to fight for us, for our freedom.  Do not give room to false attacks by our nephew Taban (Muhammad Al-Hasan), who due to the generosity of our people, found home in Bentiu.  Taban, however, must know that we still reserve the right to kick him out if he shows sign of deceiving our people, as it is what his blood relatives do in the north.

Politics as compromise and consensus

Specifically,politics is seen as aparticular means of resolving conflict: that is, by what compromise, conciliation and neotiation, rather than throuth force and naked power. This is what is implied when politics is portrayed as 'the art of the possible'

Finally, we hope the issue of governor Taban, shall be resolved via, Bureaucratic muddle rather than Aational decistion making. Indeed, the people of Unity state fed up from Deng and therefore, they better off without him and needing the president Gen. Mayanddiet, and vice president Dr. Machar to respect their legitimate rights and get red of him sooner or later, thus the SpLMs decision makers have no right to turn down the people of western Upper Nile state's request for sacking of Mr.Deng who has already

destabilized the State and poised to harm a true nationalist leader.      

 PeterT.Nguanok, a political science student, emphasis in international affairs at American University of Beirut and SPLM Actives

Beirut , Lebanon

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