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Fake Modern Religions Are Fighting Faith by Tarig M. M. K. Anter

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Fake Modern Religions Are Fighting Faith


Humanity can not find faith in Judaism, Christianity and in Islam. These are just fake modern religious plots. They are corrupt man-made versions invented to steal Mosesianity, Jesusianity and Muhammedanity which are the original genuine teachings of the Original One Faith. The fake impersonations aim at turning the Faith into rival systems of rituals and tools of exploitation and authorities against other nations.


 Humanity needs the different visions of the Original One Faith now more than ever.  But humanity is threatened in its very existence by the present imperial religions. The original modern teachings might be called collectively Abrahamanity. They only differ from each other in the specific nature of the people addressed and depending on the time, the place and the conditions of suffering of these nations.  But essentially they are only true and complementing versions of the Original One Faith looked upon from different angles or perspectives.


 Therefore, a person may follow the teachings of a great teacher like Moses, Jesus or Muhammad- or even other lesser known teachers from any part of the universe-at the same time or at different periods or at different locations without any problem or contradiction. These genuine teachings are just like different medicines for different diseases. They are equally coming from One Source, based on One Knowledge and originate from One Will.


When we complement the different teachings of Abrahamanity with all the other genuine ancient and traditional beliefs from all over the universe we come up into what may be called the Original One Faith which was created in the very beginning, or Adamite Swadeshi.

Swadeshi Adamite is a monolithic faith admits and respects all lands, nations, prophets, national reformers and the ancestral beliefs of any time and place on Earth.  God created only one faith before He created life.  He never changed His mind. People motivated by greed, cruelty and ignorance corrupted this eternal faith.  Adamite Swadeshi, or the Original One Faith, is totally different from and contradicting to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The latter are only man-made designs of some imperialists from the Israelis, the Europeans and the Arabs.


Swadeshi according to the recent definition of the Mahatma Ghandi who stated that- it is that spirit in us which restricts us to the use and service of our immediate surroundings to the exclusion of the more remote.  Thus, as for faith, we must restrict ourselves to our ancestral belief and wisdom.  If we find it defective we should serve it by purging it of its defects and not abandon it.  In the domain of politics, we should make use of the indigenous community-made institutions and serve them by curing them of their proven man-made defects.  In that of economics, we should use only things that are produced by our immediate neighbours and ourselves and serve those industries by developing and adding to them what be found really wanting.  It is suggested that such Swadeshi, if reduced to practice, will lead to the millennium. Even though it may not be fully attained for generations.


Adamite Swadeshi may be the true treatment for the world-wide religious hypocrisy, violence and bewilderment.   Globalisation, Capitalism, Communism, Liberalism, Democracy, Terrorism and Insecurity are just few signs of the problem and others are rising unless truth is established.

                                                                                    Tarig M. M. K. Anter

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