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El Bashir !!! Die a man, not a ridiculous ape. by By: Hajareen Toum.
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Jul 24, 2008 - 9:09:34 AM

El Bashir !!! Die a man, not a ridiculous ape.




By: Hajareen Toum.



Before I rush head long to the main topic, however I would like firstly; to say that after the decision of the ICC and in the light of pulling out of some humanitarian workers from Darfur that accompanied it, the situation will surely continue to deteriorate, therefore I would like to bring to the attention of the whole world that; the International Community especially the U.N needs to take radical steps that are required to inject, the necessary International participation which is essential in allay the current humanitarian crisis in Darfur, because it will be difficult if not impossible to find a lasting solution to the problem, if justice not proceeded addressing the root causes of the conflict, and to which details I will go into. Secondly I would like to seize this opportunity, to pay with every fiber and bone of my body, especial salute and appreciation, to all those holding the banner of liberation, in the field, home or Diaspora front or wherever they are, who are making history by enduring the hardship and the unendurable, for the glory of the great cause and the Darfurian people, so that the name of our beloved motherland could live forever.


Back to the real topic, which it’s title was adopted from Hitler’s saying to his men during his last days” I want you to die men, not a ridiculous apes’’ and which aptly fits in the case of Omar El Bashir; as the world watching the political tempo of events and the political landscape in Sudan unfold, after the well- timed decision of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Mr. Luis Mareno, which followed by the entire Sudanese masses, especially the IDPs and the marginalized groups, and even by most of the political circles inside and outside Sudan with jubilation, blessing, interest and admiration because they saw in it a triumph to their will, except the chosen few, paid-by the regime demonstrators. El Bashir   who became an International laughing stock, lived by exterminating black African Sudanese in South Sudan, Nuba Mountain, Abyei and lastly Darfur ( the world’s most depressing theatre of human suffering), and what he really did was an insult to God and God’s creation, and to do what he did you need to, arm yourself a against all considerations of humanity, morality and pity, and each of us knows that, however much we personally have suffered, we are the luckiest ones who survived; and it’s too good to see that, the driver of genocide machine is facing justice; for a long time he had been playing a dangerous game of taking peace and masterminding genocide, with an ever- open appetite to sign any paper agreement, while dragging his feet to implement; in order to allude the International Community, and if you are playing a game like that, in this new global village you are going to lose, it doesn’t matter how clever you think you are, because you can’t live a lie for so long, without being found out and we knew from the beginning that El Bashir’s game one day would catch up with him and now it has; alas!!! What the object of pity President, has conveniently forgotten is, his parts of   religion which prohibit the killing of the innocent people and saw himself as deputy of God on earth to wage a holy war “jihad’’; expecting to get his reward the secure paradise from God’’, as the case of South Sudan and to depopulate Darfur indigenous tribes of African origin “ Zorrga “ to accommodate Arab tribes from the neighboring countries, in order to recapture the illusive glories of the Arabs Nations and to him the ends justify the means.                 


And what also the ethically and spiritually poor President has forgotten, and what each African ruler and any new generation leader every now and then, must strive to remember is, the fact that no people exist in isolation in this communication revolution of ours, that gives millions of people both wider and more detailed understanding of the world; nevertheless, the arrogant, behind his time president, in stead of first admitting the irreparable harm he did to the Darfurian people, he was sending his prophets of doom to the neighboring and friendly Countries, to preach the gospel of genocide and that, the indictment was against a head of Sovereign State!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Strange enough, me as genocide Survivor I never had the resources and chance to do professional schooling; but from my humble knowledge, the legality of the Sovereign State, in Sudan under the current regime, does not exist and will not exist, because the true purpose of the Sovereign State or Government, is to make laws and policies for the general good of the people; maintain law and orders, provide social services, enhance quality of life and generally, ensue that peace and stability prevails; Sovereign State exists to, chart a common path and create enabling environment for it’s citizens and resident, to fulfill themselves in life and not an State that cleanse it’s people and sending the remains to the IDPs and Refugees camps, mounting road blocks in every direction they turn to in life, nor an State which has an attitudinal problem towards it’s certain citizens; as Government is broadly defined as” who is doing what to whom and how”; a Sovereign State ought to be , a source of pride to every individual, so that they can fully strive to maintain, and not source of death and annihilation; to cut the long story short, when leaders in any Government begin to do things that human morals can not accept and support, then they become Sovereign less; needless to mention here that, El Bashir stole power in broad day light, and all a long he had been doing, was claiming to have won fraud elections by 99 percent against the will of the people.


And as EL Bashir maneuvering and mobilizing his forces of evil, to repel the ICC decision, it deeply struck us to hear that the African Union “ the elitists Organization” which Now became petrodollars States protégé, is calling on ICC to suspend it’s decision, until it sorts out the primary problem in Darfur; how the GOS was using the A.U as subservient weapon and tool of it’s propaganda, should not take any body by surprise, as money and power are temptations few could resist, and honestly speaking the magnitude of the conflict had proved that, it’s beyond the limited capabilities of the A.U, to the extend that the Organization was unable to protect its forces let a lone the people, thus the burden was already passed to the stronger shoulders; and most importantly; what is the dire need of the situation in Darfur is justice, justice to rid the defenseless people of, the corrupt murderers regime and to end the sufferings, ” justice before peace’’ because the fundamentalist’s regime of Sudan had proved undoubtedly that, it is a lethal ,existential threat, not only to peace agreements aiming at bringing a lasting solutions to the conflicts within the Country; but also to the regional peace and prosperity; and therefore, without uprooting the den of evil of the regime presided by El Bashir ( the head of the serpent), it is next to impossible for any peace agreement to find fertile ground to thrive; because the regime was totally obsessed by, and committed to, the fundamentalists’ ideals with more than normal capacity for evil.


And also what I want to emphasis here is, most if not all Darfurian people, believes that, in order to open a new chapter, after life of death and destruction, justice must be before any peace, because they absolutely lost confidence in this regime; and they have bright hope that, justice and fairness, as the cardinal guiding principles of the ICC, will finally be seen to have been done; and therefore, to them the ICC will be failing it’s purpose if it failed to prosecute El Bashir; and It is worthwhile, to mention here that, El Bashir with the help of the Arab league was planning to conduct pro forma prosecuting, but it is too late, for he had already reached his last station, and every fool know that “ a master’s tool will not dismantle the master’s house”.


I understand full well that, what I am say “justice before peace” may not go down well with the supporters and sympathizers of Darfur peace at any cost, but I totally remain convinced with the notion that, “ignore those possessed by evil and they would kill you or your efforts .Fast or slow, it didn’t matter. Remove some but not all traces of the virus and it would still kill you (like Cancer or Ebola).Fast or slow it was just a matter of time” and the radical Islamic fundamentalists are a lethal virus in the body politic.


As I mentioned early, the regime  was making a lot of efforts to block the ICC move, and it also came to my knowledge that, the National Congress Party was putting a lot of pressure on the SPLM/A, to play the game by it’s score keeping, but what I want to say here, and with due respect to the SPLM/A Doctrine, the sacrifices it made and the generations of new Sudan it produced; being a partner of a dictatorship regime it doesn’t mean, by one way or another to pay the receipts of your partner’s mistakes and mischief, it will do you no harm to leave the regime fight it’s battles of survival, and we have confident that, the SPLM/A after it signed the peace agreement will be in a new more revolutionary course than before. After all it will be the responsibility of any new regime, or the toothless crocodiles, if any, within the National Congress Party to implement the CPA, after the house been cleaned from it’s snakes like El Bashir; therefore, our colleagues and Comrade- in- arms in the SPLM/A should have nothing to worry about. And as the regime searching every corner to find an exit, wondering like some body holding a carcass of an animal on his head, and searching with his toes for the grasshopper; our defenseless people are armed with, their total believe in the just case, it’s their powerful weapon in the battle between dictatorship and democracy; and they have confident that, the repressive forces of darkness and inhumanity could not prevail a against men and women of goodwill.


Finally; what are the immortal lesson African leaders must learn from El Bashir’s indictment? And why some of them are against it?. As the saying goes “ a dog bark to protect it’s tail” the criminal and an iron-fisted rulers of Africa knew full well that, unless some earth shaking event occurred soon or later El Bashir will got to Hague; thus they are quick to denounce, because they will face the same fate; therefore, I advise them to go back to their political drawing board to map out new and timely strategies on how to treat their subjects, because in the new western vision of “ free men, free mind and free markets’’, it is impossible to rule with dictatorship and not be held accountable.



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25/7/2008 .        





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