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Efforts to achieve peace in Darfur by Waleed Ali
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Sep 8, 2008 - 12:26:46 PM

Efforts to achieve peace in Darfur

The High Crisis Management Committee to deal with the ICC allegations held last week a meeting in which it was decided to start immediately implementation of Sudan People Initiative. The committee also reviewed the diplomatic activities launched by Ministry of Foreign Affairs with several countries besides the official visits of international figures recently.

Minister of Justice briefed the committee on the legal procedures taken to boost the justice process through investigation over all violations in Darfur.
It would be better to publish the minutes and recommendations of such activities for the public to enable people feel the seriousness of the government in reaching a peaceful resolution of the Darfur crisis.
It would be also better to publish the strategy which will be adopted in dealing with the ICC allegations especially after the intensive dialogue held with several countries such as France besides international organizations such as African Union and the Arab League.
Public awareness should be raised and people should know the legal views expressed by national and international legal experts over the ICC allegations and how to deal with them.

Internally, Sudan People Initiative is the fundamental pivot to overcome the crisis, so concerned authorities should speed up in fixing the launching date of implementation to design a roadmap through an agreed upon vision after reviewing all political forces proposals.
We hope that the marathon efforts to reach a peaceful settlement to the Darfur issue will come to an end to the crisis.
We are optimistic this time because the initiative is presented by the President who called it (Sudan People Initiative) and not (the Sudan government Initiative) and we hope that the crisis management committee will deal with the initiative from that prospect to guarantee support from all political forces.


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