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Differences within SPLM Northern Sector by Adil Faris
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Aug 24, 2008 - 8:10:08 AM

Differences within SPLM Northern Sector

According to South Sudan Anti-corruption head, Paulina Riak, her anti-corruption body, set up in 2005, recorded over 1460 cases of corruption in the first six month of 2008 alone!

This came despite the First Vice President and President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir declaration of zero-tolerance policy to corruption and despite the removal of several senior officials over corruption.

As for the SPLM Northern Sector news reports revealed that SPLM bases in Northern State announced its suspension from the party due to the spread of administrative and financial corruption besides the absence of institutionalism with the party.

I seems that SPLM Northern Sector is moving very fast towards collapse, as after the escalation of SPLM situation in Gedaref last month due to conflicts and corruption smells the infection was shifted immediately to Read Sea State where it was impossible to hold the SPLM conference due to conflicts and the insistence of imposing specific leaders to make the conference just a decoration. Before it became calm in the Read Sea another conflicts emerged in Sennar State to the extent of using the cold steel (knives) which resulted several injuries among the SPLM executive office members.
Observers considered that all these failures are due to the way SPLM Northern Sector leader Yassir Aram is administrating the sector. Arman is the one to be blamed in all the conflicts and as SPLM members in Northern State stated in a circular distributed there that Arman is administrating he Northern Sector in a (totalitarian) way calling for transparent investigation over the SPLM leadership practice if the party is keen for its organization.
Arman was quoted to saying that they struggled for years and that gives them the right to chose whatever they want without consulting anybody, and that, of course, contradicts with Armanís talk about the democracy.
Even in Khartoum, SPLM leadership circles expressed fears from the way Arman is administrating SPLM Northern Sector, adding that it warned before on the issue.

However, if seems that even if the SPLM managed to control the situation in Northern sector activities or failed on that, the SPLM has lost a lot due the conduct of one individual leader is quite enough for SPLM to lose its existence in Northern Sudan.


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