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Delay in the Hybrid Operation Deployment by Omar Khalid
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Jun 25, 2008 - 9:14:33 AM

Delay in the Hybrid Operation Deployment

Sudan Vision yesterday published a statement by the Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesman in which he held UN responsible for the delay of the hybrid operation in Darfur . In confirmation of that, the local press yesterday carried US voicing the same, in addition to accusing the international community of lack of  political will to speed up the process of deploying the hybrid force.

Contrary to the alleged Sudan ís procrastination in deploying the hybrid operation, US statement clearly throws blame on UN member states to act. This was the first time US statements on Sudan gain credence although up to a recent time US continued to hold Sudan responsible for delaying the deployment of the peace-keeping force.

But for US position to gain more credence, it should openly condemn rebels who are also hampering the deployment of the operation by committing serious security violations.

US should have been honest enough to have referred to the flexible position Sudan has continued to demonstrate despite the unjustifiable rebels intransigence.

US was also required to have blamed Chad for its non-honouring of the peace agreements concluded with Sudan .

However, US turned a blind eye to all these developments with the aim of tarnishing the image of Sudan .

Now that it has become clear that Sudan has no hand in the delay of the hybrid operation, US is attempting to show a face which is not her real one.





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