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Darfur Protection Force And International Double Standards./By Bahar Arabie.
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Aug 26, 2006 - 9:17:00 PM

The issue of international protection force to Darfur has become the "topic of the hour" both in Sudan and on the agenda of the UN security council.And it seams from the look of things that the super powers,or the 5 permanent members of the security council,which are also viteo wailding powers,will not come to a consensus on the issue    The US,UK,and probablly France[shy of a Chinese Kung Fu] would only like the force to be prepared or send with the approval of the Governament of Sudan,and as soon as possible[but not as urgently as possible].For Darfurians and the rest of the Sudanese, the prime responsibility lies with the US, as it is the only super power they know.It brought its influence to bear on Minni Minnawe to sign the DPA,despite our disapproval of it.We in SLM[Haskanita] resigned to the fate or the reality, because,we concieved or viewed as an organisational decision,backed by US,UK,EU,UN,and the AU.and because we thought that if the international community,led by US is behind it,then things will work out.Khartoum will stop the genocide,the Janjaweed will be disarmed,and blood shed between Darfurians will stop,and with the facility and resources that might be put at our disposal by the international community ,we will be able to bridge the gabs in the document of DPA,and convince our colleagues,both in SLM[non Haskanita] and JEM,hard liners and waverers a like,to the meaningfullness of the agreement.We thought we would even be able to sell the agreement to the sorely humiliated people of Darfur ,in the IDP, and refugee camps..all of a sudden we made to feel that this is an agreement we entered in to willingly, not as a result of a domineering presence of US first class diplomats..Willingly could be,BUT we were also attracted by the alluring promises of reconstruction,and development of Darfur,promises of compensation to our people,promises of assistance in the empelmentation,promises that there shall be accountability, and protection ,and above all stability.Surprisingly non of these materialised.It seemed that the signatories were given a political suicide pill,for the war in Darfur flared up again ,with more intensity--this time mainlly,between comarade and comarade, between brother and brother--to add to the tragidy ,all this coincided with Israeli / Hizb Alla war.The focus of the international community,specially that of US, shifted to the Middle East,though the killings in the Middle East are in no way compareable or exceeded those of Darfur .Yet the super powers ,or the 5 permanent members of UN security council acted in unison regarding the cease fire in Lebanon,and the international troops.They even pledged troop contingents.But Darfur is left to bleed to death,while the perpetrators: Albashir,Ali Taha,Nafi,and Gosh dine and [wine] with emisaries of terrorists, and arrogantly declare Jehad against the would  be protectors of Darfurians .they even identified themselves with Hizbo Allah in this regard,and likened themseves to its fighters,in event the UN force come to Darfur.It is a forgone conclusion that when a person or group of persons or communities are being subjected to killings,ethnic cleansing,and genocide,it becomes every body's responsibility--individuals,organisations,and nations ,to protect the victims and the vulnerables,not necessarily through any mandate[certainly not from the perpetrator].The UN,and AU failed in Rowanda ,they failed in Somalia,.interstingly only in Africa they fail,but not in Europe or Assia .While the UN security council a waits a mandate from Albashir and company ,hundreds of Darfuris are being killed daily.Governments do not willingly surrender sovereignty,specially if they are dictators,and corrupt.In such instance their sovereignty must be siezed or taken away by the community of nations.In fact true soveriegnty resides in the people, the whole people of a nation,not in a corrupt dictatorship.In the case of Sudan,those who are supposed to be embodying the sovereignty of the nation have argued for the international troops for Darfur,they are :The people of Darfur[IDPs and refugees ,and the movements],the people of south Sudan through SPLM,the people of the east,the major political parties[UMMA,DUP,PNC,CP],and the rest ,within Sudan and in dispersion..It is the believe of many that this government,specially the quartet of Albashir,Taha,Nafi,and Gosh are opposed to international troops in Darfur because they have many sekletons in their cupboards to hide from the prying eyes of the international security operatives.They want to make away with their deeds in Darfur. The US,and the UN must not assist in that.Each and every body must be held accountable for all the crimes committed against innocent civilians of Darfur.I am a witness to some of the crimes of these peopl and their Janjaweed melitia.I saw whole villages burned to ashes.I saw hunderds of bodies of people either killed by Janjaweed or government army,I saw Sudan state military war planes bombing villages,wells,market places,grazing grounds,and other civilian targets.I have heard and read Albashir's statement of [giving a free hand to the army in Darfur] .The international community should not use double standards, on the issue of protection of innocent civilians.Darfuri women and childern deserve to live a dignified life like the rest of the people,whether in the Middle East or Europe,or else where.The African Union has done its best.The task of protection is beyond its capacity now,just as the task of relief was beyond its capacity.The UN has to step in immediately,and as a matter of urgency.the presence of a UN force in Darfur serve the purposes of:protection of innocent civilians,instilling confidence in signatories,as to their safty and implementation of the agreement,protection to the humanitarian agencies, disarmament of the Janjaweed,and stability of the region.Albashir and co are not less brutal than Saddam and his regime.Darfur can not wait, while super powers quarrel in New York.                                                                                            By Bahar Arabie.

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