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Articles and Analysies ÇáÕÝÍÉ ÇáÚÑÈíÉ Last Updated: Oct 27, 2009 - 9:33:43 PM


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                              DRIVING FAST TO EXPLODE IN THE ABYSS!


The super-speed in which President Omer el-Bashier and some of his naughty-huffy passengers in the last over-crowded bus of ‘racism-fundamentalism’ are driving the country so fast nowadays, is completely dangerous for the Sudan and beyond. Both, his uncle al-Theib Mustafa (al-Intibaha editor) and Professor Bashier Tatha (Internal Affairs Minister), the twin-turn-boys among many others, have decided to donate themselves so freely, to sing their illogical Islamic fundamentalist-racist praise-songs and club their hands so hard and loud like drunk and in a dancing session, while raising their long out-spent slogans. For days after days and nights after nights, al-Theib Mustafa, the editor and Professor Bashir Tatha, the Minister; both men have served Islamic fundamentalist cause and reaction so vigorously, to the point of loosing ‘appropriate’ wards to express their insults and abuses to every member of the SPLM and all the other Sudanese nationalists, left and right. Indeed, the National Congress Party has decided to play a serious game of Russian roulette, the way I see it!  


Today, Mr. al-Theib Mustafa is being considered to be the real SPOKESMAN of President OMER al-BASHIER. This is his uncle who expresses his dreams and charts his racist ideas, plans, as well as his ideals, and Bashier Thaha the executer. Before President al-Bashier delivers his controversial decisions, people get them before hand dangling between the lines of ‘al-Intibaha’ daily paper, days before they become public in a process, which they call: ‘testing waters’. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two, son and uncle, could be quite similar to that, which exists normally between an obedient son and a mentally imbalanced maternal uncle, the real brother of ‘yumma’. As tradition goes in the Sudan, it would be a taboo to turn one’s back to a maternal uncle however irrational he is!   


This country, Sudan, is gravely suffering from lack of understanding and clarity of vision, as people tend to judge others from their own viewpoints, even if such a vision could lead people to hell! People judge and sentence others, as they may like, each from his or her standpoint without giving the slightest consideration to all the other views. What has encouraged me to appeal to writers and columnists is the fact that I have been reading a few genuine columnists with great joy, who have put the destiny of the nation deep at heart. They are really truthful and great. Today, we definitely have a very serious crisis of governance nationwide, at the time when people are being told by way of lies, that every thing in the country is pure and sweet like milk and honey. But the most amazing thing is that people believe and live with those lies, as if they were residents of an insolated isolated island somewhere far over seas. That is not correct. The habit of believing in lies and concoctions is a bad killing habit. Let us depart with it. We are here, unless we die. Let us rise and look for the truth, and troth is always available.


For more than twenty-four years SPLM has been continuously, persistently and candidly making its position clear and sound about the fact that we concluded agreements that were witnessed nationally and internationally, but did not respect them. This fact is still bedeviling the Sudan. People turn their backs to pacts and agreements while pointing straight at others, to be the ones spoiling those agreements. In Southern Sudan, these types of people: lying-lazy-careless-myopic intellectuals who largely depend on gossips, hearsay and religious mythology, while admiring and adoring themselves, portrayed the problem as something created and perpetuated by a chain of greedy un-Godly enemies: America, Africa, world churches, imperialism, communism and Zionism! They say that: “It was God, and only God, who saved the Sudan from those international threats”, as they deceive the people around the clock. Currently, Dar Fur is believed, as it was propagated locally inside the Sudan, to be an unwarranted American and Israeli intervention with other imperialistic presence in that region. In Dar Fur they tried so hard to call for ‘jihad’. But ‘jihad’ against who when Dar-Furians are much more disciplined and more pious Muslims than those who sell Islam in the black markets? And as they were set to woo and win over the friendship of Eritrea after realizing their semi-complete isolation in the entire region, they could not afford to coin some suitable words to describe the situation in Eastern Sudan out of fear, because Eritreans are real revolutionaries, who would not hesitate to confront them to the point of knocking their inquisitive noses red. And therefore, by loosing Eritrea they would loose the whole region, which they cannot afford.


Now, examining how they think, talk and behave to the other people generally, I have been seriously tempted to think that, perhaps there is something quite abnormal in the atmosphere somewhere in the North, which twists Islamic fundamentalists vision, and adversely contorts their minds to see facts the other way round! Dangerous lies are aggressively set and asserted to appear like truth! Others come in and when they come to know what their compatriots have produced a lot of lies, they would evacuate the place tactically. That is how they develop lies in a chain that leaves out none of them out of the lie. Deny it openly, face the consequence, if not then march out of the workshops where lies are manufactured! Indeed, we all do know what we offered to the Sudan, as a people. No fuss, no regret. But these days, people tend to be illogical, submissive and timid, which is a bad habit planted in the people by the National Congress Party! They asserted themselves to be believed that they are the holders of our destiny by the use of force. Nonsense! Some people pause to be very submissive and timid, in spite of the fact that they know where they are being lead, in the bosom of the dark. The Sudanese people shall not give up those legitimate fruits of their efforts, before they finish the mission, which they have started. Let us not be like those restless people, who believe in incomplete ideas and deeds. “If you drive up halfway, then that is better than staying where you are”! People who prefer to take enough fuel that can deliver them halfway only. People tend to waste and scatter their efforts negatively, while collecting some of the little gains that drop on them from the same dreadful circles. No please, let us unite and face the tyrant. Today we came to know them much more than before. So no fear whatsoever.


People become submissive and timid in spite of the fact that we have succeeded to bring some meaningful democratic changes in the atmosphere. After all what has been achieved over those most difficult years, some people still blame SPLM for not completing the struggle up to the Palace in Khartoum. Really, up to when shall we liberate ourselves from that type of wishful and vicious thinking? Has religion and racism, the one driven by the fundamentalists, divided us so sharply and scattered us that much to the point of not believing in whatever a Southerner can tell a Northerner and vise-versa? At this very moment, I would sincerely ask myself again and again while looking forward at the whole Sudan as to when shall we know that we are essentially one people in spite of all the painful and shameful events, as they stand to be, which serve to divide us so sharply, like what is being propagated by that reckless al-Theib Mustafa and that most amateurish Professor, Bashier Thaha, that self-appointed tyrant. We must all be convinced, in the first place, by the seriousness of the situation in the Sudan and rise and march together to implement the CPA. That is the most important thing for us to do as of now, as a nation. The implementation of the CPA has become our greatest challenge nation-wide. We have to implement it as an eye opener and heart soother before we think to move forward in a positive way.


I stand to call upon all the columnists, editors, writers, political leaders, as well as leaders of civil societies, to wake up. Wake up! The country is being intentionally set on great fires! Hatred is being cooked and distributed in the streets. Mockery has become a song in every Islamic fundamentalist house. Lies are being taught in the schools, read in the papers and in the mosques. Should we keep quite and submissive and look at them, praise them, kiss their hands and that is all? Our duty is not to look on, to praise them or send them to hell. We only want them to respect the word. We simply want the National Congress Party to respect and implement all the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. I believe it is your most sacred duty, you the journalists, to praise, criticize, shun or attack those types of destructive writers and diabolic citizens wherever they are in the Sudan. People like al-Theib Musthafa plus Professor Bashier Tatha should be forced to shut up their mouths completely and destroy their destructive pens today and not tomorrow, because they have done too much to destroy the people and the nation. Now, we stand exactly at the crossroads of our partnership with the National Congress Party, because they respect not their own signatures to the agreements, which they have concluded, including the people who brought about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. They either respect it to the letter or we let partnership die in the sea of their ignorance. None should expect us to do things otherwise. We are the children of a great revolution, and we shall stand together up to the end of this turbulent road, which the NCP has chosen.


For more than fifty years Southerners had suffered very extensively, when they raised separatist slogans. They were arrested, tortured and butchered without being taken to courts. Confrontation of such charges was left to the army and the other security organs in the South. Many villages were burnt and looted by the army under the pretext that, a separatist had been seen thereabout. That is how the army pretended all through to confront the separatists in the South. All the media, papers and magazines nationwide and in the Arab world were directed to confront the separatists whenever and wherever they were, in a fierce universal onslaught. And so, justice in the South was left entirely in the barrel of the gun! Separatism became synonymous to being a Southerner. And today, Northern Sudanese separatists are left free to write and attack people at random, specially, Southerners. Why should they be allowed and supported to destroy the nation? I do not advocate or even suggest that let them be arrested, tortured and destroyed physically like what happened in the South. No, no, whatsoever! But, they should be made to shut their mouths in other ways that can stop them and let them be sorry for the crimes they have committed to the Sudan. This should be done with immediate effect, if, at least moral justice is there. Fear shall be the real disease, which shall kill us and kill the country as well.


Those Islamic chauvinists are destroying the country on behalf of a small group of criminals, who know not the sacredness and the greatness of the Sudan. There are ways and means to follow them in this regard, if we stand together and work together to achieve that most noble end. At the time when pressure is rising up on the NCP internationally, it should also rise internally. They should only survive if they implement the CPA and listen to the voice of wisdom with regards to Dar Fur. They shall survive until they exit in a democratic way, if, and only if they respect all the agreements. Otherwise, they shall find it rough, as they intended it. Let them shoot their own empty heads, if they like. Strange beings who love to be kicked around, around-the-clock and happily enjoy the kick, which no donkey can accept, because kicking is how donkeys fight!   


I tell you, we cannot fall on our knees and timidly supplicate, because we feel to have lost the battle entirely. No, never, but we do clearly and simply say, if ever people should separate, then please, let them separate in peace. Separation itself is more than destructive to the pretentious who have everything. Each side shall loose proportionally, which is also a loss. Through out the boiling years of the struggle, people, whether South or North did not give each other an appropriate time to look into what can keep them united. At all, they have not been given the chance to discuss and decide their future as a people. The smooth and concerted implementation of the CPA was to be a chance, if it should be implemented. The referendum itself is a demanding process. The two sides to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the SPLM and the NCP, had agreed in Naivasha and Nairobi before the whole world, to work hard to ‘give unity a chance’.   And today we still find a very militant tabloid type of a newspaper ‘al-Intibaha’, owned by senior members of NCP spearheading the call for separating the North from the South, probably by force! People do make mistakes, very grave mistakes, but mistakes can always be forgiven, because life does not end there and then. Life could end when all the doors of logic are sealed off for good. That is precisely the sort of thing, which is being done by al-Theib Musthafa and Professor Bashier Tatha, those two out-dated messengers of doom.  


Every country has fundamental and sensitive issues of concern, which should not be left to be tempered with by demagogues and irresponsible people, whether be they local or international. They constitute very fundamental points of no return, which must be well defended. And I say: CPA is one of those defendable realities of the Sudan. It has cost the Sudan two million lives to achieve it! The fact that one has not died should not be taken as a pretext to destroy the CPA and the country. Those blind and mad bullets, which hit them dead and missed you, could be the only difference. And what a difference? We have to respect them. Instead of being thankful to the SPLM for having participated in bring PEACE, which has preserved the nation and the National Congress Party in power for six stable years, the Party- the National Congress, has decided to fight it to the finish. Peace which has served and saved the NCP from an abominable fall and total collapse. But instead of thanks, they decided to apply their whole withering might on the SPLM and the CPA! For sure, they shall fail, they collapse totally, ‘be-izn Allah’, if I may borrow the jargon.


They have no manners and no ward of honour, what so ever. When they fail to respect others, is the moment in which they fail to respect themselves. By having no ward of honour, no person can trust and respect them totally. By going to Europe to visit the Holey Father, the Pope, in his first state visit ever to Europe since they took power in 1989, President Omer al-Bashier intended to receive the blessings of the Pope, “BARAKAAT AL-BABA” and therefore take a very warm political shower like making ‘mea culpa’ that would make him acceptable in the eyes of the world. That is precisely his intention when he visited the Pope in the Vatican City. He ‘cunningly’ wanted to send a massage to UN, that he is not an obstinate Islamic fundamentalist, but look here: “I have just met the Pope. O’ a very nice man. I would not have seen the Pope, if I happen to be a bad boy. Did you not see me sitting so attentively listening to the Holy Baba”? They simply want to put on a new grayish fur to turn away the attention of the world from the Sudan so as to continue with their diabolic and dreadful plans, not to implement the CPA and to continue to execute their plans in Dar Fur. As a matter of fact, they should be given no chance, what so ever. Those ‘black-market-Islamists’ must learn how to be respectful and thankful to partners, if they should ever learn. Truthfully, they should know and learn how to live in peace with others and how to befriend them. And the first lesson, which they should get in this process, is that, they have to apologize to the SPLM, the partner, or they simply go the way they like, and the way is definitely covered with tough un-bendable thorns.


Those twin ‘Islamic musketeers’, are RACISTS beyond redemption. Shameless lying chauvinists as they are, they condemned racism that far in South Africa and America so violently, while they continue to practice it inside the Sudan. That is for sure the main reason, which makes them loose genuine friends around the world. RACISM in the Sudan has become a very known fact. It is vividly seen all over the world in Dar Fur where people are cleansed because of their being black and Africans. The government does not support a single camp of the displaced. Racism is seen all around Khartoum itself, where the displaced, mostly African, constitute the greatest ‘black-fence’ of poverty around the Capital, a fence second only to that Great Wall of China! It is also seen all over in prisons, where black men and women and the poor in general, constitute the over whelming majority of prisoners, charged with petty cases and false accusations. It is sadly reflected by the kind of jobs done by black people every here in the country. Specially, domestic labour, cleaning and guarding like in South Africa of Pick Botha. So, we need not prove that fact by tying ropes around our necks in rags, by leaving the left side of our streets and lanes for black people or say, by piggy-bagging fluffy masters wearing white ‘jibbas’ and darkish ‘qufthans’ in the open markets.


These are the real issues to deal with, which we need to overcome for good. Let us do what can liberate us together, so that we develop and prosper in peace and catch up with the rest of the world in prosperity. But reactionaries like those Islamic fundamentalists, do fear and hate the word ‘development’, because it speeds up their ultimate demise. They insistently and persistently prefer to keep the process of life and thinking arrested in their ignorance, because it is only in such a stale and stagnant situation can they exist. We have sadly come to observe how the National Congress Party intentionally removed the entire tarmac from the roads in Juba town by way of scraping the roads. We know the reason why the three States of Dar Fur are still without hotels beside other important projects. We know why there are no water boreholes in Eastern Sudan, where people perish because of thirst, famine and tuberculosis. Let alone Southern Sudan, Southern Kordufan and the Blue Nile as well as the extreme North. And we definitely know what is being done today in ‘Dar-Shaigiya’ of modern villages built with money looted from the South. We know that all. We also know the width and breadth of the area covered by that ‘Hamdi Triangle’. The moment a person hears about these killing contradictions, one becomes very sad and mad. Whatever comes from those two main aggressive lying chauvinists, al-Teib Mustafa and Bashier Taha is nothing, but racism ! They consider themselves to be from ‘the purest race’, which should be served by all the other races, because God has created them so special and so wonderful!      


Precisely, what is taking place in the Sudan today is RACISM, pure and simple. That National Congress Party strongly believes that Southerners, Nuba, people of Blue Nile, Darfurians, people of East Sudan and Nubians deserve nothing whatsoever. They must keep quite and accept full heartedly to be serving slaves “khadam” to the Arab speaking riverian. Those two ardent amateurish racists belong to that exclusive club. They have always been singing and drumming their hatred and dislike to every logical Sudanese and otherwise in their writings, and apply it in their unthinkable unbeatable deeds and reaction. They would abuse people while asking God for more destruction and annihilation. They think and believe that they are the legitimate owners and hares of the Sudan. They blindly believe to be the most lawful and powerful custodians of the entire Sudan and thus, can decide to grant rights to whomever they wish in a tiny dervish calabash! These are the two leading ‘celebrates’ of the Islamic fundamentalist junta who represent the Northern Sudanese separatists, among others roaming stray in the corridors of ‘racist-fundamentalism’, who are endeared and highly glorified by NCP. They are their most acclaimed strategists and respected social-political thinkers. In vain do they insist to drive modern cars of the 21st Centaury with the mentality of the sixth Centaury! They are the thinkers who have been gracefully licensed and generously funded to go out freely and confront the “enemies of God and the banks” countrywide. These are the people whom they push around carrying their political messages.


Through out the past two years or more, they have been frantically busy trying to portray Dr. John Garang as the biggest traitor and worked hard to water-down the Peace Agreement. They hailed the advent of the era of tranquility. And ‘no war’ to them meant something quite different from the reality. But, they took the opposite. They took the CPA tactically as an event, in which SPLM the ‘partner’ brought them an overwhelming support in a blind and stupid way, and that was why SPLM was ‘absorbed’ in the ‘government of the NCP’, rather than a real agreement between two long warring parties. They do not believe totally, in the fact that we do share the government with the other political partners, simply because they have the majority. All the rest are taken as mere supporters of the NCP, as far as they are concerned. That is the exact interpretation, which they kept and keep for themselves for the last two gloomy years. They forgot not that they are a minority party in essence, who took power by deceit. They know this fact very well. That is the reason why they do not want any election to take place, because they know what will be the result.   



They kept quiet for some times and then started their feverish traditional moves to attack and abrogate the CPA at random with the intention of destroying it for good. Like chameleons, they move while staggering hesitantly, examining their way, as to how they would deal with the CPA in a very discreet manner. Today they believe that the majority of people in the South are on their side. They think and believe to have succeeded to divide the SPLM and Southerners. For several times they expressed their disappointment and dismay with the provisions of the CPA and started the process of dismantling it, like the recent unwarranted and unexplainable refusal of President Omer al-Bashier to reshuffle the Government of National Unity, as was asked for by the First Vice President, Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit, as provided by the CPA and the Interim National Constitution.   I want to record my dismay that: The National Congress Party has done its worse. Indeed, they did their worse through out the past two years following the Peace Agreement, because they have been busy through out the day and night, for the last two years, trying to plant the loathsome seeds of animosity and disunity all over the county. And now, the Sudan is fracturing and drowning in the sea of hatred and dislike.  


When I was a tiny little boy, I fully grasped my first lesson to climb trees from a short cartoon film, which was shown by the Information Department. A man was terribly chased by his adversaries. In that hopeless process he managed to climb a tree! As his chaser climbed the tree after him, he went further up on a brunch and continued to climb. He had an axe. So he desperately decided to cut the lower part of the very branch on which he was sitting, rightly between him and the one who was chasing him. As he cut the branch so frantically, the undertaker sadly collected him quite and motionless from the ground! Whenever I think to climb a tree that picture comes so vividly into my mind. Now, I see President al-Bashier himself up on the same branch with an axe ready to cut the branch on which he is sitting right from under him. And I vividly see the Sudanese people around the tree. I do see them ready to undertake the work of the undertaker! Bad deeds in essence, would always consume the doer.    


As we speak logically and write sense today, they want to go on drinking all the oil very smoothly while vomiting abominable hatred wherever oil is found. This is the belief within the National Congress Party, that: neither Southerners nor SPLM know about oil or at least how to steal it! Yes, they really could be right as to how oil is stolen. They want every thing to be left peacefully for that ‘Hamdi Triangle’ and none should ask them about what do they have for the other areas of the Sudan. They want to impose their version of Islam to replace all the other religions, Islam included, in a world that has changed so drastically and none can approve and bless their deadly moves. They insistently do that, in order to cover their ongoing ‘national-looting-spree’. Both thinkers, al-Theib Mustafa and Bashier Tatha, are completely out-dated to elementary knowledge and logic as clearly indicated by the ongoing events and lack of sound and good judgment. In fact, the twin devils as came in this article, are only an example of almost all the NCP members. Their vision roams about how to assert their racial superiority, how to amass wealth and how to maintain them both at any cost and that is all what they know and aspire for. By being a bunch of racists , as they really are, they tend to be Pan-Arabists, while dispatching arms and bombs to the Arab world. And by being a bunch of hungry and shameless daylight robbers who are blindly seduced by religion, they tend to be Islamic fundamentalists, while looting and stealing public properties openly.


Indeed, those members of the National Congress Party are the most painful insult and thorny blasphemy to Islam, the Great religion! The distance between them and Islam is really too great a distance. Born or brought up with a lot of looted wealth and stolen properties acquired over the last decades of inhuman war, plus their own hand-made insecurity, they have since long developed the bad habit of ‘having every thing for themselves only’, simply because they are the masters, as they do believe. In fact, these are selfish people beyond redemption. That is how they waded in the dark and grabbed power, which they shall never let-go to any person, unless subjected hard to harsh situations and conditions in a concerted democratic manner. There is nothing they fear like democracy.   


Let us address President al-Bashier and say that: The bus, which is being driven so carelessly and so recklessly, shall soon start to increase its speed while heading to nowhere safe. I tell you Sir, it is heading towards an abyss where it shall fall and explode! Who among the passengers will survive, we do not know in spite of the fact that we feel so strongly, that such an accident has to take the driver and all the passengers as well. As they sing loud some old songs of fundamentalism in vain, you will definitely feel that the passengers are lauding the best mesmerizing songs to amuse you, but no, Mr. President. They really are so reckless passengers who want you to drive fast and faster into abyss! Such a Minister and that grim writer of al-Intibaha, are out to lead you to the end of your time. They belong to the Club of Hawks and can destroy many things on your behalf. Do you want to be with them to destroy your own achievements? Mr. President, Sir: In that way, if you choose to follow them, we shall never be sorry. That would be your choice. Watch out, Mr. President!


I simply say so, because, Comrade Salva Kiir is the best man you can work with. He is a wise man and a very humble man who has a few but fundamental words. He does not know how to cheat or lie like those whom you pulled to your side as advisors from the South. He is a truthful man. You two mean a lot to the Sudan. You could either let it stand as a united country or let it fall into abyss and ‘maa-salama’! I clearly see that the Republic of the Sudan shall cease to be under your Leadership. It shall disappear form the world map, all together! Would you sincerely like that to happen? What about the children of the former Sudanese immigrants, where shall they head?   However, we do not fear as to wherever or whenever the Sudan shall disappear. In fact, it is in this same process that nations are made to be and how they come to disappear. No fuss, no tears! But we would prefer the best of all the options in the process, which is to remain together as one country. And to remain as one country has its own conditions, which are best known to you Mr. President, as the sane man who appended his signature to the current CPA. Let us frankly tell you: A leadership comprised of an aggressive gang of militarized civilians and ruthless politicized military, tightly united in a boiling inhuman atmosphere of Islamic fundamentalism, shall never deliver this country from that oncoming doom. Please, let us examine what happened in the last few months and clearly see the reason why is the Sudan heading fast into abyss. These facts are so clear and self-explaining.


I had mentioned earlier something about the imperativeness of introducing genuine democratic governance to the Sudan through the process of transformation, of which those Islamic chauvinists are so much afraid. They fear democracy, because they cannot continue to rule after those mournful years in power. They want to take the example of Ismail Haniya in the Ghaza Strip, to cling to power at any cost even if the Sudan goes to hell! That is simply what they believe in so strongly. A real Islamic ruler must stay and die in ‘office’, if God permits. The Imam could be changed by the believers ‘muminin’ only, if and when God permits. And when shall God grant the permit? These are the real issues, which make the Sudanese fundamentalists feel restless and irritated to the point of insanity, whenever they sit to imagine how they would fare and prosper after loosing power!   Some of them cry and wail like mad the way a third-world divorcee wails for having lost everything in life, whenever they fail to get good answers to their imaginary future problems. “Oh! Our God given Sudan to be taken over by the infidels and atheists”! “O’ dear Sudan, what have I done to you?” To them, that would be so terrible and so unbelievable beyond imagination. In fact, that is the doomsday, which they really fear! That is why they have decided not to listen to any voice of wisdom, but to go on blind and do what can water down the Comprehensive Pace Agreement and rather prepare properly for a ‘comprehensive peace-destruction agreement’, in which they shall never succeed. Here are some of violations, which they have committed with impunity, in the process of watering-down the CPA.    


The first in the list of events was the arming and directing of the LRA to continue to terrorize Juba by way of killing, burning cars and looting citizens, soon after peace was concluded. Fortunately, some of those who were operating under the pretext that they were LRA were arrested and they shall be delivered to justice. That bloody military confrontation in Malakal between the government backed militia of Gabriel Tanginya and the SPLA. Today, Tanginya is still in Khartoum under the protection of the SAF, as a wanted man! Then come the issue of the military build-up all around oil producing areas. Then move to Dar Fur, while focusing carefully on the different prospective and viewpoints between the President and the First Vice President. The stalemate in Abyei Area and military build up therein. The pending stay and un-necessary delay of the militia and their active affiliation to the army, SAF, and the National Congress Party remain to be seen. The pending issue of borders between North and South still remains to be a grave challenge. The National Census situation as time is running out fast for the coming general elections. The crisis about oil revenue and oil polices in general. Finally, the unwarranted delay of the President himself, as he refused to act on the recommendations of the First Vice President of the Republic with regards to cabinet reshuffle in the Government of National Unity, as clearly stipulated in the CPA. These are the real hot issue at stake.


All in all, President al-Bashier appears to have decided to turn his back so violently against the fundamental and important provisions of the CPA. And by turning his back against what was witnessed regionally and internationally very gross violations to the Peace Agreement has been recorded. In any case, we do not know if and when war erupts again, whether the President shall be salvaged by his time-barred ‘Jihad’! Before Dr Hassan Turabi presented his interpretation of the edict ‘fatwa’ on the non-imperativeness of the holy war ‘jihad’, the majority of the Sudanese people had shunned the idea form its roots to the finish. Today many amazing and amusing jokes are being cracked on daily basis openly to entertain people of different creeds and colours, about the non-imperativeness of ‘jihad’! People would start to imagine themselves being interviewed in Heaven, as to why did they listen to fools and liars to drag them into hell instead of Heaven! In any way, no more shall war be between Southerners and Northerners, as it used to be in the past. But, it shall be a ferocious war fought along different ideological and geographical lines. It shall be substantially destructive. It shall be between those marginalizing and the marginalized basically. It shall be quite inhuman. It shall be sad. Families shall fight within themselves as never before. It shall consume quite a lot of the little green we have around us. If not well controlled and commanded that ‘Hamdi Triangle’ may turn into battlefield. Every Sudanese who may feel aggrieved could target it very extensively!


 Well, Dr Turabi said, that all those who perished in ‘jihad’ did die for nothing. He simply described them as unholy presentations to God “fathayis”. Where are the ‘mujahideen’ today? Where have they gone? Who will call them again for ‘jihad’? What really would be the massage of ‘jihad’? Who has the knowledge to woo back those scattered ‘mujahideen’? Who among the Islamic fundamentalists can challenge that presentation of Dr Turabi? We know that tension was rising and ebbing against the government before the signing of this Comprehensive Peace Agreement. To be deceived by a gang of chauvinistic warmongers will not help this nation. Today Dar Fur is bedeviling hard every member of the National Congress Party, because they have developed the bad habit of denying their wrongs. They madly insist to be left alone in order to continue cleansing the civil population and replace them with politicized Arab immigrants. If they want to continue with ‘private’ cleansing sessions, then they must be told right in their faces that, at this age of human growth and development, there are crimes, which have become international and no person can run away with that, for reasons of ‘privacy’. In vain, did Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit tell the NCP to stop killing people, but they refused unfortunately. So, get them be properly packed and dispatched as quickly as possible right to The Hague! They should know these are definite crimes against humanity. Humanity cannot be abused and dragged into the dark past by some obsolete wrongdoing gangsters. None should be allowed to act out of the present stage of human civilization.


I say, it would indeed be madness, if HUMNITY exonerates them from being held accountable squarely for the crimes committed. In the realm of the fundamentalists, chauvinism and opportunism have always been rampant in the Sudan of the National Congress Party. They have disgracefully turned it into a creed and discretely directed it to constitute the real force, which is pulling the Sudan backwards into abyss.   All the leaders of the NCP therein are now struggling hard to maintain everything in God’s name before everything comes to finish.   In this way, President al-Bashier seems to have lost in his logic. A President who is not advised by his people is doom to fail headlong into abyss. And this seems to be what the President has decided to do without regrets. Frankly speaking, the history of the Sudan started long before Islam itself! Let us be frank and call spade, spade. To lie freely and propagate about lies shall not deliver us ever!


That is the big reason why every thing seems to stand still, while his irrational uncle, who is a very big shot somewhere in the National Congress Party, fans up the fire that shall consume them in the first place. They shall end down in hell. They should know that Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit is not the type of a man described by those elements who pretend to know SPLM from within. Really bad shortsighted advisors! It has never been reported to you Sir, that Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit is a very patient Leader, a very good listener, a very kind gentleman, a very brave freedom fighter, a very witty man and a very keen follower who thinks very soberly, talks very candidly, moves very cautiously and acts very tactfully whenever asserting himself, when he is on the right way. He is a type of person whom you have never come to know or seen before among all the Southerners you know. He is not a ‘walad-na’ type of a person like those who hang and stick to you to make a living! Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit is a proud Sudanese nationalist who is equally concerned about his own place of origin, where his own people suffered so much through out the last 52 years of the Sudanese self-rule and independence. Being one of us, he is completely not the type of a Southerner whom you can refer to by way of joking as ‘abid’. Anything degrading a Southerner is really bad to him and to all of us. Any thing about Southerners, which you came to learn before, you must have to forget. We are new Southerners of the New Sudan. Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit is a Jieng from the South, as well as the other marginalized areas of the Sudan. He dose embrace them with equal love, dedication and reverence. First Lt Gen Salva Kiir Mayar-dit is a dedicated soldier who would never turn his back to defeat a second nor accepted humiliation for a moment in his entire life. In fact, I do not know why do some people fail to choose for themselves some better enemies!  


I tell you, I do not intend to praise Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit whatsoever, for he is capable of presenting himself to those who really know and endear how to deal and interact with people sincerely.   His ascendance to his present position as the First Vice President of the Republic did not come about because of nothing. Kiir Mayar-dit is not simply a replacement “badal fagid”. No, never! For sure, he is the legitimate successor to the very man, son of this very soil, who was received by six million people with twelve million hands raised up sky-high, right in the center of Khartoum. You must not have failed to see that magnificent reception. Did you? What wisdom made you to swim against those great waves of human-ocean? Please note that, Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit came in as a matter of continuity, which is something expected in life! And you kept quite like you were not there, when you saw that great event. Comrade Salva Kiir is there to work with you. He is there by you to walk the walk to implement the whole peace agreement, the CPA. Comrade Salve came in a very big way to inherit the Leadership and more, which he so deserves. And those beautiful hands that harped the free air so freely that most wonderful day shall be kept waving as a livelong promise! Please tell us, why on earth should a sober man like you think of humiliating a gentlemen man like Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit in this very Sudan of his? We hope you should wake up to see and observe the importance of the matter in this detonated process. Leaders must have the guts to say the truth, even if it takes them to right to the gallows!


Let me turn a bit to the members of the National Congress Party nationwide and ask them as to the logic, which keeps them in that racist -religious party! The NCP is in fact, an expired party that has nothing for you. But it plans to finish all of you, as a people in the next coming foreseeable future. They will do it definitely and the process has already started with you, yourselves. Blind as you are, they are now right on your backs, you, inconsiderate gray donkeys! Indeed, NCP is a racist political party that strives to subdue the whole South, Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, the East, the North and Dar Fur by using you to increase the excessive force, which they want to use, accompanied by your having been culturally, socially and religiously dominated. So today and right under your nose, loose your culture, tomorrow loose your language and then, like cleaning ‘fatarita’, they would examine you thoroughly and throw you far away as a darkish out-spent rotten grain, the moment you smell some sort of an ‘african’. They shall harvest your children, since they shall come to grow under their scaring care and bothersome benevolence as mere under-dogs. The NCP is a political party in which you shall not represent yourselves whatever! Take your presence in that political party, which is driven by a first class gang of thieves and devils and see for yourselves whether the impact of all the inputs and contributions you made and make can be equated to your dedication to such a political party?


Basically, as an aggressive totalitarian party, the NCP is founded on two realities and no principles, basically: Excessive power and economic interest, in which you people mean nothing. They do use ‘excessive power’ to intimidate you constantly, so as to remain very timid and very submissive to them. They use money and money related interests to induce you to look for them constantly and follow their rules since they have become your daily bread givers. These are the main tools they use to keep you in perpetual bondage. As a matter of fact, that is what NCP is doing with you. They care not as to what you say, but they would follow you day and night, to be sure that you execute and protect their diabolic plans very strictly. Through out the whole Sudan and since independence, no Party has ever committed mortal crimes and wrongs and compiled such worse records of killings, rape, slavery, forgery, imprisonment, theft, corruption and displacement! That is their real specialization. These facts constitute the innate attributes of every NCP member. In their most secret creed they would always aspire to be very rich, very rough and very inhuman! Rightly do people look at them as real chauvinists and opportunists and pause a big wonder as to why should you be with them until now, so bare-headed. As a matter of fact, what are you doing in that filthy den of traitorous robbers? Please, let us rise to dispel those outrageous demons from our country. And the best way to dispel them: PLEASE, DISTANCE YOURSELVES FROM THE NATIONAL CONGRESS PARTY, IMMEDIATELY!  


And to you my fellow Sudanese: Please, let us not get deceived to butcher ourselves by ourselves, because of diabolic ideas and polices that come to us right from the abyss. The NCP has decided to fight us indiscriminately by scrapping the whole Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Let us be very disciplined and well organized and proceed, right from here, to confront whoever shall temper with our future. Some good rumors do say: Comrade Salva Kiir Mayar-dit has decided to contest the coming elections. He shall rightfully contest the coming elections to be the first non-northerner and non-Muslim Sudanese President. That shall be really great! Such a change is needed to put things right in the whole Sudan. I wish that rumor becomes true. But, his candidature frightens al-Bashier very seriously, but what shall we do? He thought Salva was not going to contest in the coming elections against him as a ‘walad-na’ who can simply be swayed with some petro-Dollars! That is what has been put into his mind by his ‘big’ advisors. This is a fact, which you should all know. With that rumor on, that equation is changing now. That is the reason why you find them out to delay and scrap the coming elections, in spite of the fact that it is an election, which is well prescribed in the CPA, which shall be internationally supervised.


I tell you, all the members of the National Congress Party have examined their popularity all over the Sudan in the last few months. What they found what has shocked to them very much. That is why they let loose their hawks and kites to fly fast and hover low all over the country. They set to abuse SPLM in order to create negative reaction, which could be taken as a *spark* to ignite war again. They would always try hard to drag us into contradicting situations in order to start war. They would always want us to react to their irrational plans and deeds. They do them and we follow them in their plan! So be careful, though I believe that elasticity has its own limits. Their politics has always been lingering around theft, grabbing, intimidation and war. They thrive by war and wither in peace. In peace they cannot find an empty space in which to play their nasty games. Blind and deaf as they are, they believe that they are not being observed or followed locally or internationally. I say this Comprehensive Peace Agreement is your own Agreement. Defend it with all your might to the finish. We shall definitely win in any war to be imposed on us because of Peace. Peace was what we stood for with for decades and it is Peace that we shall obtain with honour. Let it be Peace that should take whatever it takes!!!



A New Southern Sudanese Viewpoint   / Juba 05/10/2007           

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