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Confronting hostilities by development by Hassan Ali
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Aug 17, 2008 - 8:45:29 AM

Confronting hostilities by development

In several mass rallies President of the Republic was quoted as saying that our response towards hostile plots will be through more development projects and production increase. Needless to say that response through more development projects is better for the nation politically, economically and socially.

For the government to draw more attention to development projects will not only stop plots but will also exterminate the reasons of such plots, because as it is known that foreign plots are always based on the bad conditions of people and it will have no chance to interfere wherever people are stable economically.
Heightening of Russaires Dam which the President laid its foundation stone and the announcement of accomplishing of Meroe Dam next year, besides the opening of several national road represent important projects for the political and economical future of the country.

What we need now is more concentration of the development issues which represent the sole response to foreign allegation against Sudan.
The effect of any development project will definitely be reflected on the people of that project's area, hence the entire nation.
Concentrating on development projects will also lead to an end of marginalization allegations and any hostile foreign or internal party will find no ear to listen as long as citizens are enjoying good services and earnings through development projects in their areas.

The required development should target basically the rural areas as it needs more development projects to stop migration of people from rural areas towards big towns in search of bigger earnings.






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