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Catholics Led to Hell/Written by Daniel Deng Monyde,
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Jul 24, 2007 - 12:28:24 AM

Catholics Led to Hell


It is the desire of every Christian to go to Heaven but unfortunately, many Catholics are on their way to Hell because the Catholic Church has continued  to be silent about Polygamy, especially here in Africa, and particularly in Southern Sudan, where Polygamy is a common sinful practice of many Catholics. A practice done by many, well knowingly that it is wrong and unacceptable according to sound Christian doctrine. This is mainly because the Catholic Church has kept silent about this practice, which it very well knows is wrong according to sound Catholic / Christian doctrine, which clearly states that, “a man is to marry only one wife”. As a result of the silence of the Catholic Church about this practice, many are on their way to hell because of this profane practice, which is sin in the eyes of God, talk about adultery.


The church has stressed and dwelt much on the issues of Homosexuality and Lesbianism but it has continued to ignore, and be silent about the sinful practice of polygamy, which is equally the same, sin in the eyes of God.


It is very unfortunate that, even Catholic women, who very well know that this sinful practice of Polygamy is wrong, willing go ahead to carry it out by accepting to get married to men whom they very well know are already married. This must stop, because it is sin in the eyes of God.


It is high time for the Catholic priests and leaders to rise up and stand against this practice by boldly declaring the Word of God as it is, not just to please men at the expense of their souls and consequently lead them to hell.


For those who are already involved in this practice, they must repent, terminate any form of polygamy forthwith, ask God for forgiveness and be faithful to only one lawfully wedded wife, considered by the Church, as required. Otherwise, they deliberately continue in sin against God, thereby securing their way to hell.


The Holy Bible says, “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:32




Written by Daniel Deng Monyde,


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