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Britain to “Darfur in” daresay “France it out” by Hatim El Madani*
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Apr 22, 2008 - 4:59:40 AM

Britain to “Darfur in” daresay “ France it out”

Sudan politics are rarely conducted with the decorum attained in certain other land, but here for the contrary since our country gained its independent from the United Kingdom fifty four years ago, we are all with no exception blindly indulged in blaming every issue we couldn’t solve and every short coming, not on our poor governing and administration quality but on Britain. We ended up leading the country from renowned stable African state to starving, war ridden one, today torn apart by injustice greed corruptions’ and hatred.

And when we looked back after we ruined it in comparisons to our colonial period, we found too late then the British did not had economic incentive for involving in Sudan, but willingly not forcefully we are brain- washed by all nationalist partisans’ and dictators who followed to sing along; the conventional caricature of the greedy imperialist grabbing the raw materials of the less developed countries even when it has no application through all those fifty-plus years that followed.

But so does Britain and most Europeans rightly or wrongly since washing their hands off all former Africa colonies applied the “Don’t wanna know or don’t care twopence” attitude.

Now we all screaming, for   Kenya,   Zimbabwe, Uganda, or for Darfur; how decent nations stand by and take no action?

Obviously pleased by the UK pledges to the UN in regards to feature dealing with Africa last week, again I found myself standing alone in arguing that dealing with Africa chronic problems through proxies like the NGO’s instead of training locals or sending a bunch of UN tour of duty tourist solders ignorant about land, tribalism, roots and culture to sort disputes out, or the baffling wisdom in pouring unaccountable and none direct administrated generous international governments financials development aid, is nothing but waste of efforts and goodwill.

 Now Darfur and it seems Britain is ready to take the direct approach at least for now in hosting the Darfur peace circus wagon. But I am not here going to Over-simplify the task await Britain courageous offer to end the infighting in Darfur for the sack of elevating the suffering of the dispossessed and forgotten people there. And so for another circus like Abuja and Libya not to take place here in London we ought to understand that some of the parties in this conflict don’t like the truth. it forces them to face unpleasant s facts. Beside what we all learned by now from the circus of Abuja,  where foolishly the majority of Darfur inhabitant were excluded and not represented ,sadly  this happened  because some external  media and individuals from the comfort of their armchairs enjoyed  demonising the large sections of the region inhabitant in portraying the conflict on the racial phobic lines of post Sep.11 and as Arab and Janjaweeds and  ignoring the many tribes whom   are not   armed and within the government controlled areas so not represented in the battlefields as if they don’t exist .

But any will tell you if you are not already educated yourself enough about the history of the region or from others experiences in governing the region be “Chinese Gordon” or “Salatin Basha” or “Ali Dinar” or “Wingate” or the successive incompetent ten governments that followed them. Any unjust peace, one that does not take into account the legitimate interests of these left out tribes whom are the majority, will last no longer than it takes them to prepare for a new round of conflict.

The most  scandalous of Abuja circus beside  none neutral mediators i.e. Eretria, Chad and Libya  also was the participation of a number of flouters and individuals whom are basically happen to be the so called educated Darfuri  but economic refugees in Europe and the US, some happen to leave Sudan as earlier as the 80’s to the middle east   before moving to Europe or the US  in the late 90s to claim asylum falsely as victims of the Nuba mountains atrocities or the many causes then there, doing so by using all unfounded exaggerated stories they tends to fill their applications with ,cashing on the real victims miseries back home, and after a while starting  to believe and stick to their lies and move on to fabricate or adopt another, when they were not even present, then or during, just happen to be from there and have no connection whatsoever with the conflict a part from establishing later “phone-in” contact with relative or bandits and armed robbers or with the illiterate commanders on the ground and offering   to represent them as movements of librations in Abuja, Tanzania or Libya where each of them want to become a warlord or the new chalabi of Sudan, and I am not just pointing fingers here but sad facts.

Now we understand the UN representatives’ some of them scouted the ground there to give a clear picture about the weight of these groups and what they stand for and who could represents them, and what they got to offer better to their people, also this my prove to be difficult but the message form London should be clear and louder; bandits and organised armed robbers and flouters and the so called Sudan expertise need not to attend.

And as we have seen all sides’ perception and willingness to continue fighting is often unknown, as some of these bandits militia cares less about the people suffering on the ground or the country struggle against this regime but their goal is into sharing the power and personal wealth with the illegal regime of the so called  Islamist of Sudan, this if they are not already auctioned by now their own people feature recourses to the deceitful multi national oil and minerals death investors’ companies as we have found out in the case of the SPLA after the deformed  CPA agreements where companies with two million dead humans blood on their hands whom financed the arms for brothers to kill each other were even profiting after with interest !.

The opportunity of getting together in London if all sides need to want peace enough  should yield a lasting and fairer Comprehensive Peace Agreement For All Sudan ,And the conditions of any coming peace must also appear to take into account the interest of all the people in Sudan or at least reasonable to all former legitimates democratically elected representatives of  the people on the ground there at least form  the last known if left unblemished democratically elected representatives , from the main now oppositions’ parties especially the NDA the Umma and the,UDP leaders and their demands must be included and they are encouraged to participates, However the negotiation will not succeed also if the underlying issues which sprouted not in 2003 but long before and during the governing of these traditional parties is not addressed in regard to clans favouritism, wealth distribution and tribal boundaries   and borders movements for resources, these and many are not  irrational factors.

I also noted since Gordon Brown offer announced ,the US stepped in direct talk with its friends from the regime in Rome with press conferences and interviews portraying Al-Bashir regime and his ministers some of whom are  the remnants’ of  the former Numeiri  regimes crooks,  as avaricious to help shift journalistic and Sudan public opinion, nowhere (cowboy), they could be assured  this did not change the situation on the ground, where people longing for generations to  see an end to this vicious murderers and morally bankrupt government, and the sooner we see an international agreement on how to bring about a robust justice so to put them on trail and to recover all assets belonging  to the Sudanese people that   stashed overseas using every confiscations law available  and travel ban for all those involved in these crimes against our people and those who embezzled billions of pounds from illegal’s commissions, or  the sale of Sudan oil and national resources, arms trade, Durah ,destructions of habitat and environment and the list goes on.. Since 1980s is a must.  

The regime has run-out of tricks to frustrate us or the international will, their leadership is already psychologically defeated, after the ill-return to savagedom in the south and Darfur where it made   them look militarily incompetent and now only looking to  bail-out  its criminal, and we have seen this move lately by the same person who suppose to lead the coming  government negotiation team, and  how he feverishly seeking  to adopt internal racial agendas  and warmongering propaganda to divide the country ,this must never be allowed ,we should all step-up to enthuse the   Sudanese people with afresh pride and sense of purpose for a peaceful prosperous feature that will soon arrive after the removal of this cancer forever.

Hatim El Madani*

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